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best sport to get in shape

The has been in the societies of the world since Ancient Greece, where it was taught as discipline for soldiers on the fighting art and later he joined the Olympics and, even today his main purpose is still to teach self defense and for sporting purposes.

This also helps you get in record time since just 30 minutes of practice can burn up to 500 calories. That is why it is one of the best sports to return from vacation for those who do not like weights and do not like running.

Surely this is one of the reasons why boxing has taken a huge popularity in recent years, because more and more Benefits that brings your regular practice. For this reason, what was considered in the past a violent sport reserved only for men, today it is quite equal and its followers, both male and female of different ages, prefer this physical activity over the conventional ones.

Jumping rope, doing sit-ups, squats, burpees, practicing on a punching bag and as a couple, are part of the that anyone who wants to start boxing must master, as long as they are guided by a professional. For this since Digital Freedom We also want to tell you about the benefits that boxing brings to your .

Reasons why boxing is the best sport to get fit

Increases physical endurance: boxing, like any sport that is practiced, must be combined with a healthy diet if results are to be sought. That is why the rigorous training routines together with the diet improve the resistance of the body in general, making it possible for the body to support constant physical activity. This will help not only increase energy but also improve the health of the body by making you more active during the day and giving you more energy both mentally and physically.

It is ideal for losing weight: The reason is simple, almost all boxing exercises require a high intensity physical effort that requires the use of many calories, it does not matter if you are hitting bags, jumping rope, running, doing push-ups or even doing shadow, almost always you will be burning a lot of calories. This means that you can lose 1 to 2 kilos in a week if the training is intense enough, which is much more than a regular workout at the gym, even if you do mainly cardiovascular exercises.

Reduce stress: in fact, almost any form of physical activity can decrease stress, especially high intensity activities like boxing. What is the reason? Simply put, increases endorphins, improves mood, works as a form of meditation, and improves sleep, all of which help reduce stress.

Improves heart health: one of the things that makes boxing so good for cardiovascular health is that the simple act of striking with any technique forces many muscles to contract at once, due to the large number of muscles being used at the same time and quickly, the heart has to work very hard to pump blood and oxygen, which improves not only the ability of the heart muscle to pump more blood, but also gives this organ more longevity. Training your heart to work more efficiently means that the muscles you are using to deliver punches are better supplied with blood and oxygen because your heart can pump more life into them.

Improves the immune system: The lymphatic system plays a fundamental role in managing the immune functions of our body, since it is the first line of defense against diseases. Muscle contractions during exercise promote optimal circulation of antibodies and lymphocytes throughout the body, which is why boxing is one of the best options to improve the immune system and reduce complications caused by viruses or bacteria.

Helps to gain muscle mass and be in shape: Although boxing is not the best type of training to gain muscle mass at the level of a bodybuilder, for this it is better to go to the weight room of the gym, it is undoubtedly one of the best options to keep your body healthy while gaining muscle. Boxing requires the combined strength and power of the upper and lower body muscles to achieve a fast and effective punch, this means that when you attack the bag, a variety of muscles use explosive force that helps improve your muscle strength and muscular endurance, allowing you to train harder for longer and ultimately burn more calories.

Strengthens the bones: The force that is generated by the blows through the hands and arms stimulates the bones to mineralize and strengthen, which ultimately reduces the risk of developing osteopenia or osteoporosis and can even reverse the conditions in some cases. Practicing any type of resistance exercise, such as boxing, is an excellent way to mitigate the negative effects of bone mineral loss due to sedentary behavior.

Improves hand-eye coordination: the sport requires that you attack and defend yourself at the same time, to execute a precise blow of the blows you need hand-eye coordination along with excellent balance, the practice of technique and precision improves the balance of the body, as well as the coordination in general. This definitely works to your advantage outside of the ring as well. Those people who have poor basic coordination will surely be slower when it comes to learning the movements well, but they are the ones who most need this type of practice.

Improve reflexes: Boxing requires good reflexes and time, you need these skills no matter if you are trying to hit or if you are trying to block or evade blows, increasing reflexes can serve you a lot not only in a fight but also in other areas of daily life in those that you need to demonstrate your precision, your physical prowess and your concentration.

It’s great for self defense: Although we hope that you are never in the need of having to defend yourself in a fight, boxing teaches you to use the upper part of your body to attack or block, this is very useful when fighting with one or even several opponents .


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