Billy Horschel calls some LIV Golf players hypocrites and liars

The American Billy Horschel spoke harshly against the players of the controversial Saudi league, LIV Golf, which has already held two millionaire tournaments, one in London and the other in Portland, distributing 25 million dollars in each one, which is why which rivals the PGA Tour.

It was clear and direct. “It has frustrated me a lot because there are many guys who are hypocrites, who do not tell the truth, who lie about some things, and I can no longer stand to sit here and be diplomatic about it as I have been in the past,” he said Tuesday, prior to the Scottish Open which starts on Thursday.

“I don’t blame anyone for going to play on the LIV tour. I have no problem with anybody going to play on the LIV tour. I have a problem with the comments that have been made, comments that say that Jay Monahan (the commissioner of the PGA Tour) does not listen.


“Jay Monahan and everyone at headquarters are the PGA Tour working tirelessly so that we reap the financial rewards and have all the opportunities that we have. At the same time, I am one of more than 200 members of the PGA Tour. I am the PGA Tour, at just like the other 200 members, so when you shoot them, you shoot us.

Along the same lines, he added that “it’s ridiculous to hear some of these comments that some of these guys made, saying, well, this allows me to play fewer tournaments, I’ve played 30-35 weeks a year. Nobody has forced you to play so many events. The PGA Tour says you have to play a minimum of 15 tournaments. If you secure your card at those 15 events, then that’s fine. Do you want to play better or do you want to play more for a chance to win the FedExCup? So be it. So be it! No one has made you play that first playoff event to avoid family obligations. No one has.”

The latter may relate to comments from Pat Perez, who joined the Saudi league and said how he missed the birth of his son to play in the first tournament of the FedEx Cup playoffs.

“Go play your LIV tour and forget about the PGA Tour. If you don’t want to be a part of this tour that has given you so many opportunities to make a name for yourself and build financial stability for your family and everything, then that’s fine. Walk away and we’ll be fine.” ”, concluded the winner of seven PGA Tour tournaments.