Binotto’s message to Sainz

The usual Sainz, offensive, with a great pace and regular race, is here. In Canada he added his fifth podium of the year (one more than Leclerc) a

The usual Sainz, offensive, with a great pace and regular race, is here. In Canada he added his fifth podium of the year (one more than Leclerc) and the regularity tones the three unfortunate retirements he has suffered in the first nine races of 2022. Ferrari realizes that the Madrid native begins to leave glimpses of his competitiveness on Sundays and Montreal was a good example, they pressed Verstappen for the victory until the last moment, finished second, was the fastest on the track and took the fastest lap. Carlos has suffered in the first races, some kind of long corners has choked him at the wheel of an F1-75 that oversteers too much for his taste, but the first victory is now closer than when the season started. He is fifth in the World Cup, 73 points behind Max.

AS asks Mattia Binotto, boss of Ferrari, how he assesses this process: “Race by race, Carlos gains confidence, improves his driving and is faster and faster. He is happier, more relaxed, I am sure he will show it in the next Grand Prix. In a way, he is also a candidate for victories and it is important for the ‘Scuderia’ to know that we can count on him, to know that he will be very strong and a great competitor on Sundays”. Regarding the weekend at the Gilles Villeneuve: “It’s not a surprise, in practice on Friday we already saw that Carlos was very strong and was close to Red Bull. We knew he could fight. Our car is competitive and Carlos is getting more and more confident in the car, he is getting faster and faster and this time he was just as fast, if not slightly faster than Max.”

The Maranello main team puts a but to the Spaniard’s weekend: “Strong race, good driving, he tried everything, he was very close, we can be very happy because he has more and more confidence. If anything, to win in such a close fight with Red Bull and Max you have to be perfect throughout the weekend. Perhaps the qualifying on Saturday was not perfect on Carlos’ part and that cost him the race. Being in front is different from chasing.” He has doubts about what would have happened without the last safety car, when it was Verstappen who was chasing Sainz: “To defend himself he had to be very fast on the track, 1:17.3 or 1:17.4. He would have been very tight. We were managing the situation and it is difficult to judge how the race would have ended without the safety car, which also took too long to get out.

His progression in 2022

Sainz’s 2022 has been up, regardless of the results. He was second in Bahrain and third in Arabia, although in neither of those two races did he come close to the pace of Leclerc and Verstappen. He failed in Australia, first ‘zero’, and Ricciardo sent him to the gravel in Ímola, second abandonment. In the sprint, on Saturday in Emilia Romagna, he made amends for an accident in qualifying and climbed back to fourth place. He made another big mistake at the Spanish GP when he was fighting for the podium, although he was able to recover until fourth. In Monaco, the best Sainz was seen for the first time this year, only the lapped Latifi separated him from victory when he came out of the pits. The third withdrawal from the course, in Baku, was caused by a hydraulic failure. But at the Canadian GP, ​​for the first time this year, he rode in the tenth of the world champion and was able to snap at his heels.