Bombshell! After Fernando Alonso, McLaren signs another Spanish driver

Although it is hard to se

Although it is hard to see, it is possible for a driver to alternate between two engine categories. In history there have been cases, and therefore it is not unique. However, it always draws attention. The latest to join this select group is Alex Palou. The Spanish pilot, who was established as IndyCar champion in 2021decided that he wanted to take the step to the Formula 1 and began to take its first steps in the competition last Wednesday, September 14.

When it was not even a year since he had won the indy car 2021 (won it on September 26, 2021), Álex Palou was already in a Formula car 1. And, furthermore, he had done it with the help of a team for which a great Spanish motoring legend such as Fernando Alonso also ran: debuted with McLaren.

Although it was not easy, and even the matter of his possible arrival became entrenched because of Chip Ganassi Racing (your team in the IndyCar), finally the three parties opted for a Solomonic decision: palou will combine Formula 1 with IndyCar.

Once his situation with his two teams has been fixed, and the necessary super license of F1 to be able to compete, Palou is ready to debut in a Formula 1 Grand Prixas long as the team’s regular drivers (Piastri and Norris) will need to be replaced at some point in the season.

In this sense, palou You will be able to receive advice from the person who could be one of the substitutes: piastri. The young Australian too experienced a similar situation in Alpine when he alternated Formula 2 competition (which, by the way, he won) with his role as a test driver for the French team in 2021.

In any case, with the addition of Alex Palou to McLarena door is opened to a possible goodbye of Daniel Ricciardo of the most recognized automobile competition in the world. Your future is more than ever in the air and, as of September, it would only have one place available in Alpine, Hass and Williams. It would be a collateral victim of the arrival of Alex Palou.