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Boxer causes a furor in networks for his epic entries (VIDEO)


Boxing is a sport that lends itself to showmanship outside the ring, specifically at the entrances and Denys Berrinchyk, a Ukrainian fighter, has made the most of it.

In his country, the boxer connects with the public in a very peculiar way. He has been seen entering characterized by Mario bros. Regularly, when boxers are announced, a song they like or have marketed for their appearance plays as they walk into the ring.

The Boxer has gone a bit further. And it is that, on some occasion, when his name was said, the music of Mario Bros, and not only that, he began to walk and jump, as it was heard in the ambient sound.

The famous plumber is not the only character he has turned to, he has also been seen as Hulk, even, like Superman.

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In addition to these types of tickets, Denys Berrinchyk He has come to the fight scene riding a motorcycle to show that he not only has a childish side to connect with people, he also has a reckless side

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