Boxer Logan Paul chokes on a raw testicle and gets ‘birthday blood shots’ on camera

ads From choking on raw testicles to drinking "birthday blood shots," Logan Paul's recent podcast with 'The Liver King' was a stomach-churning e


From choking on raw testicles to drinking “birthday blood shots,” Logan Paul’s recent podcast with ‘The Liver King’ was a stomach-churning experience.

The YouTube sensation invited the eccentric self-titled ‘CEO of the ancient lifestyle’ to a recent episode of Paul’s podcast, where they forced him to eat raw foods like livers, kidneys and bone marrow, before toasting his birthday with a drink of blood. of cow . The Liver King, also known as Bryan Johnson, leads an ancient lifestyle that often includes a diet based on beef livers and other parts of an animal that are rarely consumed by the human population.

While most people can choose to go to a nice restaurant for their birthday, Paul celebrated his 27th birthday last month with a taste of Johnson’s diet. And Liver King even said the YouTuber-turned-boxer could regrow 15 percent of the testicle he lost after falling on a table when he was younger, if he ate the same caveman diet.

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“Whoever told you that the most nutritious food in the world should taste good, got you,” Liver King said on Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’ podcast. “It’s like exercising. Do you love to exercise? It’s not called having fun.

“Some of the best things in life are things that we have to actively suffer for. There is nothing like it (raw meats like testicles, livers and bone marrow), this is what we evolved over millions of years with, you are not replacing these nutrients with vegetables.

“You want to grow that testicle back, you need to eat more testicles! What I tell everyone is this, ‘now that you know this, why would you eat anything else?’

Would you consider eating testicles and drinking animal blood if it were to help you lead a much healthier lifestyle? Let us know in the comments

Paul (left) managed to swallow the ‘birthday blood shot’ he was given

Shortly after Liver King gruffly encouraged Paul and his brother Jake Paul to bite into some livers and testicles, YouTubers were given a refreshing shot of cow blood to wash it all down. As the obvious fear and terror reduced Paul’s face to a pale sheet, Paul yelled ‘yay, birthday blood shots’.

An awkward silence descended on the group as they all stared at the taste of blood. While no one seemed to enjoy their drinks, at least they managed not to choke or cough up blood. The Liver King marked the bloody toast with his quote “let not the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

Paul’s father, Greg Paul, seemed to enjoy the blood, even suggesting that Liver King should mix it with the Everclear he brews. There’s a good chance Paul hopes and prays this idea doesn’t come up again on his birthday next year.

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