Boxer Tyson Fury revealed his secret to winning his fights in the ring

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 12/11/2021 · 17:03 hs British boxer Tyson Fury is about to meet Dillian Whyte to defend his heavyweight champion

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 12/11/2021 · 17:03 hs

British boxer is about to meet to defend his heavyweight championship title and while this is happening, the boxer revealed a very particular secret that helps him perform in the ring. The 33-year-old athlete commented that even though he is a professional, He does not eat a very rigorous diet and prefers to relax to be the best in the ring thanks to this.

The Englishman explained that during training, he usually drinks up to 15 beers and despite doing so, he is still better than his rivals. This was discussed for The Sun, on the eve of having a fight against Whyte, with who will defend his World Council title after the suspension of his challenger for doping.

“I’ve often had 15 beers before 15 rounds of sparring and I still destroy them.”Fury said in an interview, “If I’m lying, then God can bring me down. RI remember one night having 14 beers and then sparring three of the top ten heavyweights and hitting them all. If you don’t have fun, the sport becomes too serious and you end up losing, “declared the heavyweight champion.

He considers that being focused only on the sport will not always be reflected in the triumphs, so he prefers to have a good time and then be the best in the ring: “I don’t act like a pro and I don’t live in the gym all week because that doesn’t accomplish anything. If you show up on time, do your best, and do your best, the sad truth is that 99% of the time you won’t. But if you go out two or three times a week, you may get it“, revealed the British.

Also, in the third fight he had of the trilogy against the American , which earned him his heavyweight title by knocking him out in the eleventh round, He declared that before beating him he went to a bar to relax although he did everything in order. Well, he did not breach any fault that could harm him.

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