Boxers from Santiago received their banner

The boxing team that will represent Santiago de Cuba in the 59th Playa Girón National Tournament received the flag of the Santiago sports move

The team that will represent Santiago de in the 59th Playa Girón National Tournament received the flag of the Santiago movement, which they will defend in the event scheduled for the 19th to the 25th of this month at the Rafael Fortún Chacón Sports Palace, in the city of Camaguey.

José Miguel Vera Sánchez, captain of the squad, received the “red and black” banner on behalf of the entire cast, whose mission is to be among the first places in one of the most followed events in the country.

The event, held in the Guillermón Moncada park, in the sports city of Santiago, also included the reading of the commitment of the athletes by Jesús Manuel Álvarez García, one of the young talents of indomitable boxing.

“We are going with a lot of optimism and with the conviction of obtaining good results, both individually and collectively. The boys have prepared intensely and are focused on victory”, the provincial boxing commissioner, Lic. Rolando Recouso, told Sierra Maestra.

In the emotional meeting, the provincial director of Sports MSc. Alina Sánchez Revilla, conveyed to the boxers and their coaches the confidence that the Santiago athletic movement has in them, and urged them to give themselves to the maximum in pursuit of victory. The board was also accompanied by Cristian Rey Montano Fernández, who was selected as the Best Boxer in the last National Pioneer Games and who in a few years we will see climb to the ring in tournaments such as the “Playa Girón”.

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After several years of inactivity due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the main contest of the so-called sport of fists at home will return to the scene, with the technical congress agreed for the 19th, while from the 20th to the 25th they will take place posters among delegations throughout the country.

Likewise, the fight will serve as a stage to choose possible new members of the Cuba team and inject young talent into the ranks of the Tamers.