Boxing: A boxing referee denounces how they tried to bribe him with prostitutes

Mmeanwhile boxing's olympic future is getting bleaker, a new revelation brings to light another episode of corruption in the sport of 12 ropes. Fo

Mmeanwhile ’s olympic future is getting bleaker, a new revelation brings to light another episode of corruption in the sport of 12 ropes. Former boxing referee Bill Philipps has given an interview to The Times in which he says he was tried to be bought out in a qualifying tournament for the 2008 Beijing Games. “Boxing has been corrupt since the day I started,” he says.

The event was being held in Kazakhstan and as soon as I got to the hotel room, Phillipps received an offer to fix the results of some matches. They did not offer him money, but several prostitutes appeared at the door of his room. “I opened the door and there was this stunning young girl. She said, Mr. Phillips, I’ve come to keep you company. I told her no and she left, but later two others knocked on the door. I started laughing. I said I couldn’t drive.” to one and much less than two”.

Phillipps recounted that the next morning he met a person associated with the tournament who asked him if he didn’t like women.. “I told him I love women, but I was happily married. I have been for 48 years. But that wasn’t the only reason. I told him, ‘It’s a bribe, right?’ lucky to have good jobs and I like being able to sleep at night.

Phillipps had read a report on The TimeI know about bribes in boxing and it was he who took the step of going to the English outlet to relate his experience. During his career as a referee, which includes six World Cups and the Beijing Games, he experienced more similar situations. The first time he was offered a bribe was at a tournament in Estonia in 1996. Also at a European qualifier in Sevastopol.

One, at the same tournament in Kazakhstan: “I was approached by a coach and refused to talk to him, but When I got back to my room, they had left an envelope under my door with $500 in it.. I didn’t know what it was and tried to find out who it was. In the end, he gave it to some people I saw on the street.”

As if that were not enough, the offers continued in Kazakhstan: “They told me that they were going to have a dinner in a sauna and there was a table with vodka, food and meat. I thought it would be fine. So they brought in a lot of naked women. I had some vodka and went back to my room. I won’t say what happened to the others after I left, but the time I was there I did it with the towel on.”

Phillipps claims he has never accepted a bribe: “If I had, it would be the boxers who would have suffered, and they have always come first for me.”