Boxing, a sport with many benefits for those who practice it

MAZATLÁN.- Pugilism over the years has managed to become one of the most popular forms of training in recent years, some recreati

MAZATLÁN.- Pugilism over the years has managed to become one of the most popular forms of training in recent years, some recreationally, or to learn to defend oneself, while others have adopted it as a training style. life and that has positioned them in the great spheres of professional boxing.

This sport is capable of combining aerobic and anaerobic exercises, provides different types of benefits that range from strengthening the muscles, as well as protecting cardiovascular health, to improving balance or reducing stress.

Boxing is a contact activity between two rivals, which consists of facing off using only the fists with gloves and hitting the opponent only above the waist, being one of the oldest sports.

To practice boxing it is necessary to carry out aerobic exercises that favor toning, as well as flexibility of the muscles, especially in the arms and legs.

Although it may not seem like it, boxing is a sport that works the whole body, since when hitting the triceps and pectorals are being worked, when the quadriceps are displaced, and when dodging and attacking, the lumbar muscles are strengthened.

One of the most key aspects is undoubtedly the coordination of the hand with mobility above the string. When boxing, one of the first lessons is to learn to anticipate the opponent’s movements, improving mental speed.

In the matter of burning calories, they measure the energy that a good food or drink provides from the carbohydrates, fats, proteins or alcohol it contains; the box allows you to burn a significant amount of fat.

One of the estimates that we have is that during an hour of boxing you can burn between 700 to 750 calories, although the number is determined by the intensity with which the training is carried out.

The exercises that are carried out are important for increasing pulmonary resistance and improving blood circulation in order to maintain blood pressure levels in optimal conditions.

This sport helps to reduce stress, eliminate the tensions accumulated during the day. Aerobic workouts help release the hormone of happiness that the body causes, a session of happiness and well-being.

Successful Mazatlan boxers in recent years

1.- Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramírez

2.- Pedro “Pedrín” Guevara

3.- Brianda Tamara Cruz

4.- Marco Alonso Verde

5.- Jesus “Poison” Aréchiga

6.- Marisol Moreno

7.- José Ángel “Chinito” Amaro

Gyms in Mazatlán where you can practice this sport

1.- Box Gym with the name “José Sulaimán Chagnón” UAS (inside the Rubén Jaramillo High School).

2.- Zapari Boxing Gym (Gutiérrez Nájera 827 and Álvaro Obregón, Colonia Centro)

3.- Toño Becerra Boxing Gym (located on Calle 13 de Mayo, Francisco Solís neighborhood).

4.- Municipal gymnasium of box Lomas del Ébano (Mutualismo 226, Simón Jiménez Cárdenas, 82198).

5.- Hernández Boxing Club (Avenida el Toreo # 311)

Eight benefits of boxing

1.- Improvement of body stability

2.- Increase your reflexes

3.- Improve your self-esteem

4.- Releases tension and stress

5.- Improve your physical resistance

6.- Improves cardiovascular health

7.- Burn calories

8.- Helps to tone muscles

How to start training? Check out this basic guide so that you can fulfill your resolutions for 2022

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