Boxing and mixed martial arts without gloves: a booming modality in the USA and Asia opens in Spain

About 500 fans met this Saturday, July 16, at t

About 500 fans met this Saturday, July 16, at the Campos Taurinos de Fontanar venue, in Guadalajara, to attend an incredible and very special evening. It was, neither more nor less, the premiere in Spain of the modality of boxing and MMA without gloveswhich is already all the rage in places like the United States or Asia.

Organized by master Chinto Mordillo and the Spanish MMA Association, attendees to the so-called event of ‘Blood and Sand 3’ They witnessed exciting bare-knuckle boxing and MMA matches in the arena, in a formidable setting and where, in addition to these confrontations between various fighters, cattle of different sizes and ages were also released.

The public, as was informed in the previous days, was also invited to measure themselves in combat on the sand, although the organization took care of all the details and it was only allowed with very large and padded gloves, as well as having all the licenses and sanitary and safety measures.

This event, which has already been promoted in Guadalajara for three editions, increases in quality and quantity and with novelties such as this year’s one, it consolidates as only one in the world.

In the sports section, highlight the victories of Guillermo Cadena, Alberto Vargas, Walid Meguro, Albert Radescu, Samuel de Jesus and Carlos Serna.