Boxing Announces Changes After Being Left Out Of Olympic Program | sports


LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) – will reform the scoring system, the focus of repeated rigging scandals, to regain its place on the 2028 Olympics program, said the newly appointed president of the renamed International Boxing Association (AIB). ).

In addition to boxing, weightlifting and the modern pentathlon were left out of the preliminary list presented last week for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. The International Olympic Committee asked them to make modifications.

The IOC is concerned that the accusations of widespread match-fixing of Olympic fights and other AIB competitions, as reported by the two-year investigation requested by the entity itself. The IOC organized this year’s Olympic boxing tournament in Tokyo after pushing away the international federation.

“We have nothing to hide,” AIB President Umar Kremlev said after the findings of the investigation, which found that referees and judges were pressured to manipulate the Olympic fights in Rio 2016, but were not sure which fights were fixed.

“We need to deal with this and write an action plan leading to our reinstatement at the 2023 IOC assembly (when the 2028 program is decided). We need to continue to improve our administration. We implemented new forms of administration less than 72 hours after the IOC informed us (about being left out of the 2028 program) ”.

On Sunday, the AIB congress voted to change the previous initials (AIBA), give more participation to the member federations and establish an “independent unit of integrity”.

Kremlev referred to the accused judges and arbitrators. “If their guilt is proven they will be expelled for life and will not be able to attend fights even as spectators,” he said.

Boxing debuted on the Olympic program in 1904 and has been a part of every edition since the 1920s.