Boxing as a social practice

Founded in the middle of the pandemic, the Bajo Flores Boxing Club was installed in the heart of Barrio Rivadavia 1 to give containment and sporti

Founded in the middle of the pandemic, the Bajo Flores Boxing Club was installed in the heart of Barrio Rivadavia 1 to give containment and sporting values ​​to the inhabitants of an area of ​​the City abandoned by the authorities and stigmatized by the rest of society.

Ulises Blanco, 26, is the founder and president of the Bajo Flores Boxing Club, an association founded in 2020 in order to promote sport in a neighborhood as stigmatized as Rivadavia 1. Activities such as recreational and competitive boxing, workshops are practiced cultural and sporting events of the same. In addition, they encourage the youngest of the neighborhood to focus on an inclusive activity such as this combat sport.

Blanco comments that the club arose as a necessity of his to speed up times, to be able to train and be able to manage his own schedules without the need to work on something that in the long run affects his health as an athlete. “I took courses in personal training, of boxing technical director and I threw myself. I started giving boxing classes, but now in my place, in my neighborhood ”he clarifies and adds :. “It was a project that I had in mind for a long time and that I dreamed of achieving.”

The club has around 30 to 40 active members and is financed through a monthly fee, in addition to having sponsors such as the “Cacho de Familia” bar, the “Esteban Cocha” water company and the Bajo Flores Sports Center. . But the reality is that they are SMEs, and although they are more than grateful for what they contribute, from Bajo Flores Boxing Club they wish in the future to receive help from the national government or the municipality.

Although the gym was inaugurated in times of pandemic, the founder maintains that they are not sources of contagion, but that sport is of great help to physical and mental health. And it ensures that they comply with all the covid-19 protocols. We try to train with most of the students outdoors and despite the fact that tools such as boxing bags are in the closed part, they are always disinfected before and after use. As well as, the place is ventilated all the time ”, clarifies Blanco.


The Bajo Flores Boxing Club is a gym for all ages. The main activity is competitive and recreational boxing, although physical preparation including strength, aerobic and functional is also taught.

“A lot of the guys find their place in boxing, not just where they come to shoot pineapples or learn to box. At Bajo Flores Boxing Club we attend to the needs of each individual student. Each one is asked how they are, how they are doing in the study, if they work. As well as if they have a personal or home problem, they are listened to, motivated and if possible, they are helped ”, says Blanco, who assures that he lives from boxing and for boxing 24 hours a day. “For me boxing is a lifestyle, it is my life, wherever I am I have boxing, my sports career or my career as a coach,” he concludes.

Bárbara Barboza, boxing teacher at the club, explains the importance of sport in the life of each student. He emphasizes that this discipline gives them a lot of security towards themselves, they lose fear and low self-esteem, they reduce their weight and strengthen their body and all the muscles as it is a very complete sport both physically and mentally. In turn, they increase your physical performance. Every day we do something different to work different parts of the body and the nervous system ”, he explains.. In addition, he comments that the gym provides a lot of support to society.Take the kids out of the street, both children and adults, since the neighborhood is always surrounded by drugs and crime “, and ensures that the fact that the gym is within the neighborhood is like” a lotus flower growing in the middle of a swamp ”.

Both for children and young people, boxing is seen as an outlet or an opportunity, letting them know that there is another lifestyle, that you can always get away with work, that it is never too late to learn, that it is a beautiful sport that can take them to meet many people, as well as provinces and countries unimaginable thanks to competitions and tournaments. But before that, thanks to themselves they make an effort and do not give up on the road.

In turn, Graciela Ordoñez, 58, a club student, states: I have tried many gyms and most are only a fee. Not here, here they are to teach you. They talk about health, food, work, the future. The students are corrected, advised and cared for ”. In addition, it encourages and recommends starting boxing.

Achievements and projects

Currently the club is moving to the Bajo Flores Sports Center, a space that has indoor and outdoor places, suitable for tournaments and competitions.. “We get this place where students can train in a freer, more comfortable and safer way, says Ulises. Besides, he says that one of his dreams is to be able to get a world champion out of the club, although he maintains that knowing that perhaps they changed a life is enough. Getting good people out is our biggest project. Being in a club that boy sees life differently, it makes him want a good future. When a boy enters the club, one leaves the street ”, he concludes.