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There is no doubt that boxing, so present in Betfair sports betting, is one of the oldest sports disciplines of all mankind. In fact, it is one of

There is no doubt that boxing, so present in Betfair sports betting, is one of the oldest sports disciplines of all mankind. In fact, it is one of the first sports for which there is some kind of historical record. It is also very popular and has a large number of fans, something that is reflected in the importance of this sport within the bookmakers.

Boxing has pitted fighters against each other in fights that demand strength and skill, but where strategy, endurance and agility also predominate. The regulations, in turn, have evolved over time, and today it is very easy to enjoy watching it on television or betting on Betfair for the best fighter. However, they remain many data in the inkwell that people do not usually know about this intense and fascinating sport.

Boxing, a popular sport in the ancient world

It is estimated that boxing has its origins in Mesopotamia, around the year 5000 BC Archaeological remains have been found that seem to confirm it, and also support the fact that the Sumerians and Egyptians knew and practiced it. For the Egyptians, in fact, it was a popular and widespread practice.

The Greeks also practiced boxing, although in their case the sport was strongly linked to their gods. They believed that it was Apollo who invented it, although they called it pygmachia, that is, he fights with his fists. So important was boxing for the Greeks that in 688 BC they incorporated it into their Olympic Games.

The longest fight ever played

The longest-running fight ever recorded took place on April 6, 1883, in New Orleans, and faced Jack Burke and Andy Brown. The fight lasted a whopping 7 hours and 15 minutes, and spanned 110 rounds. It was a fight that took them all night, as they started at a quarter past nine and finished at half past four in the morning. The most ironic thing of all was that, in the end, the combat was declared null.

The shortest match

The other side of the coin is the fight that took place in Minnesota in 1947, and that faced Mike Collins and Pat Brownson. They had only passed 4 seconds since the fight began when Collins knocked out his opponent.

chessboxingone of the craziest variants

A rather amusing curiosity related to boxing is the existence of the chessboxing. It is a discipline that, as its name indicates, combines boxing and chess. Thus, both opponents must alternate both practices in the following way: during the even rounds they face each other with their fists and during the odd rounds, they face the chessboard. It is a fun and extravagant variant that was born in 2005 and that, today, is considered a sport.

George Foreman has made more money advertising grills than boxing

Two-time heavyweight champion George Foreman is known in and out of the ring. However, it is estimated that over the years he has earned much more money with your grill (a number that amounts to several million dollars) than in his entire career as a professional boxer.