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Boxing Evening 2 Ibai: Evening of Ibai Year 2: participants, fight schedule and who are the favorites

LThe countdown has already begun and the nerves ahead of the Evening of Year 2 of begin to surface among the streamers. What is fashionable now is to talk about the outfits that the 25,000 attendees will wear to enjoy, without a doubt, the event of the year 2022but the most relevant is the who, which is summarized in the 10 brave men who will step into the most demanding ring of the Spanish-speaking community.

, Mister Jagger, Luzu, LOLiTO FDEZ, AriGameplays, Paracetamor, Viruzz, Momo, Spursito and Carola. This is the short answer. Up to five fights will star these 10 daring streamers, with the permission of David Bustamante for practical generalization. The Evening of Year 2 of Ibai Llanos has renewed the passion for !

Participants and combats of the Evening of the Year 2 of Ibai Llanos

The first combat will start after 19:00 CET (Spanish peninsular time)moment in which Rels B gave its small concert in the Evening of Year 2 of Ibai Llanos. Carola and Spursito will be in charge of raising a curtain that will be lowered by Mister Jagger and David Bustamante:

Boxing match schedule

This will be the schedule of each of the boxing matches:

Who are the favorite boxers of the Evening of the Year 2 of Ibai Llanos?

A priori, and if we are only guided by the popular current, the first combat is the most unbalanced of the five. The vast majority of the public bets on Carola over Spursitoas high-end streamers like Ibai Llanos, TheGrefg or Mister Jagger have revealed. Motivation for Catalan?

Something similar happens with the female combat, whose balance undoubtedly falls towards AriGameplays, we repeat, according to the opinions of the community. In any case, both fighters have made every effort to arrive in the best shape for the Evening of Year 2 of Ibai Llanos.

The second, fourth and fifth matches start quite evenly. It seems that the predictions respond more to personal affiliations than to an objective assessment of the boxing style of each boxer. Of course, it will be the Evening of Year 2 of Ibai Llanos that clarifies these unknowns that are shaking the community so much.

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