Boxing icon ‘very optimistic’ of Floyd Mayweather’s trainer to return for a pro fight and put ‘flawless record on the line’

FLOYD MAYWEATHER's trainer remains 'very optimistic' the boxing legend WILL RETURN to professional boxing and put his 'flawless record on the line

FLOYD MAYWEATHER’s trainer remains ‘very optimistic’ the boxing legend WILL RETURN to professional boxing and put his ‘flawless record on the line’.

Mayweather officially retired in 2017 after beating UFC superstar Conor McGregor and extending his record to a historic 50-0.


But as it turns out, it wasn’t the last time fans saw the king of pay-per-view in the ring, after two exhibition returns since.

Mayweather’s most recent was a show in Miami against YouTuber Logan Paul, in which Gerlad Tucker served as the American icon’s head trainer.

The two are now in camp together once again for another exhibition, and Tucker warned that with so much money to be made, it won’t be the last.

But in a surprising twist, the boxing trainer is silently confident that a motivated Mayweather could one day return and defend his unblemished record for real.

Tucker said: “I think he will fight a couple of times a year.

“It’s big money and there are people like me, big fans of Floyd’s style who want to see him in the ring showing off his skills, which are unmatched in the history of the sport.


“I think he will do that just for people like me. But I’m also optimistic that we can see Floyd fight one day.

“I’m not going to reveal any secrets or anything, I’m just hopeful, sorry.

“Nothing he’s said, just the way he looks in the gym and how easy it is for him to hit people in sparring.

“And I mean the guys who could become world champions in the next year or two.

“So yeah, I’m very optimistic we’ll see him in the ring one more time and we’ll put his undefeated and flawless record on the line.”

Mayweather, 44, first returned to Tokyo on December 31, 2018, beating 23-year-old Japanese featherweight kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in one round.

Then this past June, Paul, 26, took him the distance and weighed in TWO STONE heavier in the eight round round.

I am very optimistic, we will see him in the ring once again and we will put his undefeated and impeccable record on the line.

Floyd Mayweather’s trainer, Gerald Tucker.

Now, Mayweather is in talks to take on another 20-year-old ‘Money Kicks’ YouTuber on February 20 on top of a Dubai helipad.

Money Kicks, whose real name is Rashed Belhasa, is only a year old and two celebrity fights with boxing experience.

But Mayweather, who has always prided himself on perfection, will never drop his gold standards, no matter who the opponent is.

Tucker said: “A lot of people who have reached that level of elite status in their careers are the same, they care about their name, their legacy, how they look every time.

“No matter what the circumstances are, you will care how you look and you will be pleased with yourself.

“That’s why you never catch him slipping, he’s always exercising just in case.

“We FaceTime each other between camps and we’ll be on the treadmill or outside running, just keeping fit.

“He’s always ready, he takes it as seriously as if it were a real fight.”

Floyd Mayweather training with Gerald Tucker before his exhibition with Logan Paul