“Boxing is life”

Sandor Martín (from Barcelona, ​​27 years old) is a boxer, European super lightweight champion. He is a model of effort, self-demand and discipline, values ​​instilled by his father (and that Sandor transmits to his students at the Verdum gym).

“If I brought good grades as a child, my father didn’t reward me with gifts, he would tell me: ‘it’s your obligation’. That is formative ”.

The boxer Sandor Martín in the gym

Àlex Garcia

A professional boxer since he was 17 years old, Sandor’s reference is Muhamad Ali, “who eats at the same table as Jesus Christ”, for his fight against racial prejudice and his anti-warfare. “Ali improved humanity,” he says.

Sandor refutes that boxing is violent: “Two adults measure two wills on the ring, loyal to agreed norms, and in the end they embrace. I see respect and responsibility, a guideline for life ”.