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Boxing: Mike Tyson acknowledges that he consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms for the fight against Roy Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson returned to a ring in November 2020, 15 years after his last fight, I decided to put on the gloves for a exhibition against Roy Jones Jr. which ended in a draw after eight rounds. Now, Iron Mike admits that he faced his rival after having consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms.

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“They help me train, help me box better. When I’m fighting, really I don’t feel the blows. It’s really like magic shit,” Tyson commented on the podcast The Pivot.

Did you see me fight Roy Jones Jr? He had eaten mushrooms. I wouldn’t fight without them, are you crazy? And some grass. I wish I used this shit in my career.” Tyson went on.

Tyson has long recognized that marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms helped him turn his life around. “I ended my wild lifestyle and took on my relationship with God. I don’t use them for fun, but from a spiritual perspective,” he said in an interview with ‘Forbes’.

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In December 2020, Tyson already ate these hallucinogenic mushrooms during an interview with Logan Paul. “It’s just a fungus. It’s what we’re made of. When we die we become this again,” he said then.

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