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Boxing: Mike Tyson prepares a historic ‘pitch’

Hit’s been a while Mike Tyson He intends to get back into the ring to undertake a fight similar to the one he starred in with Roy Jones Jr. in November 2020, but the fact is that ‘Iron Mike’ did not finish closing any agreement with the enormous number of suitors, such as Evander Holyfield , who presented their candidacy publicly.

Tyson, much more attentive and focused on what he wants than during his entire stage as a professional, was not willing to ‘sell out’ at any price and far from it is alien to today’s fashions. Apparently he even created an interesting podcast attended by many stars, and has even expanded his marijuana business. Now he even brags about being an ambassador for cannabis in Malawi.

The brutal KO of Jake Paul: tongo or the hit of the year?

With good reason, the youngest world heavyweight champion in history not only He has not criticized the fights of the Youtubers brothers Jake and Logan Paul, but has also ingratiated himself with them. From the first moment Tyson supported them and now he is on his way to profit from this good harmony with them. If Floyd Mayweather faced Logan Paul, Mike Tyson is already in “advanced talks”, according to The Sun, to fight Jake Paul in Las Vegas.

This was the brutal KO of youtuber Jake Paul to Nate Robinson

Although Tyson had said he intended to step into the ring earlier this year, representatives for both fighters are currently discussing details for a fight. great evening on PPV that will take place end of 2022. It would be an exhibition fight and the profits will be estimated at about 45 million euros only in PPV and sale of localities. As the former heavyweight champion said last year: “That’s a fight for money. Those are the fights to make money, those guys have 35 million people who want to see them”.

However, ‘Iron Mike’ said on Monday that no record of negotiations when asked about this possibility, although The Sun affirms that both friends have already said ‘I do’, but their teams are studying the way that will give them a greater slice.


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