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Boxing mourns the death of “a champion without a crown”

Arce Rossi, whose technique in the ring was highlighted by the entire environment of the sport of fists, came to fight at Luna Park when access to that stadium was for a select few, and the recognition of Juan Carlos (“Tito”) Lecture , the main manager in the history of national , allowed him to appear abroad, in scheduled fights in France, South Africa and Italy.

To get an idea of ​​who Arce Rossi was in his time of glory, when his followers filled every stage in which he appeared, one can well appeal to a phrase of his: “I had the style of Nicolino Locche, although I hit more”, And by the way: his hooks to the liver were suffered by every opponent in front of him.

His link with boxing was a consequence of his admiration for Omar, his brother, because “Cacho” liked playing soccer more, and in the ring he made his debut in 1980 against Horacio Méndez, in Daireaux, a match in the province of Buenos Aires. , combat that ended with a victory by knockout.

A railway accident that had him as a victim in 1993, and the physical damage that it represented ended up completely distancing him from the sport, although his double surname continued to be recognized in the field of boxing every time reference is made to the “champions without a crown.” ”.


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