Boxing returns with important harvest

The Oaxacan boxing team concluded its participation in the Conade 2022 N

The Oaxacan boxing team concluded its participation in the Conade 2022 Nationals, which for this sport were held in Culiacán, Sinaloa, with seven medals: two silver and five bronze.

With this harvest, the entity remains in the fight within the general medal table, reaching 48 medals in its count.

The bronze medals were the work of Diego Flores and Yessi Velazco, who left everything in the ring, and were close to gold, but details made the difference.

Regarding the conquest of the reddish metals, it was headed by the pochutleco, Carlos Abraham Trejo, in the 15-16 year old category, 50 kilogram division.

Immediately, the member of Team Chirino, Francisco Juárez Méndez, hung bronze in the 48 kilos, and Brian Owen Ortiz, in 17-18 years, 51 kg, as well as Edgar Noel López Cadeza, 17-18, won the medal from this same club. years, at 54 kilograms.

Obtaining bronzes was closed by the representative of the Oaxaca Warriors Gymnasium, César Augusto Camacho Díaz, in 17-18 years, more than 92 kg.

In this regard, the directors of the Oaxacan Boxing Association were happy with the results, since the dedication with which the selected ones performed was evident.

Now the next step, they commented, is to keep training, since state and national championships are coming, in which they will seek to revalidate their quality in this sport of cauliflower ears.

They fought in the ring, against competitors from different states of the country



– Diego Flores

-Yessi Velazco


-Carlos Abraham Trejo

-Francisco Juarez Mendez

-Brian Owen Ortiz

-Edgar Noel Lopez Cadeza

-Cesar Augusto Camacho Diaz