Boxing: Reyes Pla: “I am proud of the bronze but there is still one step to the top”

Updated 11/08/2021 - 14:21 ANDspaa wore 47 years fighting to return to the podium of an amateur boxing World Cup, since Enrique Rodrguez Cal, in

11/08/2021 –

ANDspaa wore 47 years fighting to return to the podium of an amateur World Cup, since Enrique Rodrguez Cal, in Havana 1974, hung a bronze medal. Precisely, a bronze is what Emmnauel Reyes Pla has harvested in Belgrade, in the heavyweight category.

The Hispanic Cuban could not access the final after falling in the ‘semis’ against the Italian Aziz Abbes Mohuiidne to the points, in a fight to which the ‘El Profeta’ arrived already quite punished after a long and hard season where the peak shape had to be given in Tokyo.

“I didn’t get to the World Cup in the right way because I only had a month of preparation. I finished the fights very exhausted, so with this bronze I am very proud. What happened at the Games killed me a bit, because there they will take away a medal that I could have won. I was not one hundred percent for a World Cup three months after the Games “Reyes Pla comments to MARCA, that this Sunday he will participate in the MARCASport Weekend, where he will hold a discussion with Jennifer Miranda about boxing and its link with the cinema, in the Plaza de San Francisco (12.00 hours).

In any case, ‘The Prophet’ has no qualms about admitting that his rival put one more gear in their quarterfinal match, although he expects revenge. “I am an autocratic and I admit that the Italian was better prepared physically. From his first fight he was seen. I lacked reaction and better form. He knows that if I am one hundred percent he will not beat me, but the cycle of the Games left me exhausted “, explained the Spanish pgil.

Emmanuel now rest a few days and take the opportunity to spend more time with his family, settled in Galicia, but always with an eye on what is to come: “Little by little things are turning out, not exactly how you want, because there is a step to go to the top, but we are working very well with Rafa Lozano and Carlos Peate. The proof is that the national team is very solid because we fight against any rival and Spanish boxing is respected. Now the road to Paris 2024 begins, and the European [mayo 2022, en un pas an por determinar] be the beginning of the new Olympic cycle “.