Boxing: Reyes Pla runs out of ‘Olympic revenge’: world bronze

Nor there will be the great rematch. Enmanuel Reyes Pla is a bronze medalist at the World Cup in Serbia when he lost in the semifinal against Aziz

Nor there will be the great rematch. Enmanuel Reyes Pla is a bronze medalist at the World Cup in Serbia when he lost in the semifinal against Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine. The transalpine was superior in all phases of combat and managed to rise to glory after being superior in tactics and physicality. Thus, the great sequel to the La Cruz vs Reyes Pla de Tokio 2020 not exist and the Cuban will fight the Italian for the final.

In an environment where basketball is more common, such as Stark Arena Serbian and closing a marathon day, the boxer settled in Galicia I started losing the center of the ring before Abbes Mouhiidine, which showed his speed and physical ability. He did not have the initiative and was only conceding points in a tactical war that did not benefit him. A type of combat in which you needed to assert your physicality, and the 23-year-old had everything to win.

The defeat in the first round was a reality, which changed things. Now it was not enough to wait, and the transalpine knew himself superior. Reyes Pla tried to take a step forward, but in no case did he manage to command. There were only exchanges of blows, without any real benefit. In fact, the second was from Aziz abbes.

Thus, they reached the third where the precipitation of Kings to connect some blow was as a general robe. Abbes Mouhiidine He was frightened while the Spanish watched as the physicist was finished. In the last seconds of combat he was seen frankly exhausted, without spark and without connecting the great blow that was missing. Aziz Abbes M. He was more mobile, he measured distances and he knew he was the winner. With the end it was confirmed: without crown for Kings (Pla).

Without the most anticipated revenge

In the fight for the gold medal, Reyes Pla cannot be measured against Julio Csar La Cruz. The same boxer before whom he starred in the most equal match of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and that after his debatable victory he uttered a “country or Death“Controversial when winning that served a perfect climate for a rematch. Sadly, it will not happen.

The Cuban, known as’The shadow‘, face before Abbes Mouhiidine after beating the Uzbek Madiyar Saydrakhimov. From the beginning he was confident, without letting his rival enter the optimal distance. I waited to fight back as soon as Saydrakhimov I lowered my guard and from the first direct contact, the combat changed. Finally, an all-round win closed the light. The management of time and effort, the brand of the house of Julio La Cruz.

Thus, bronze is Spanish. Enmanuel Reyes Pla enters the history of national , although not with the jackpot he would have wanted. His 2021 will be remembered for the charisma, how he hooked the fan and for a nickname, ‘The profit‘, which will surely be heard again. I promised so.