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Boxing: The Mexican Rey Vargas defeats the Filipino Magsayo and snatches the title

ANDThe Mexican Rey Vargas defeated the Filipino Mark Magsayo by split decision this Saturday and snatched the World Council (WBC) featherweight title from him, in a great fight at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

Vargas prevailed with two favorable cards 115-112 and one against 113-114, in a duel in which he imposed conditions in the first rounds, but was punished in the second half and suffered a protection count in the ninth round. .

Magsayo hit the Mexican with a right hand early in the fight, but Vargas responded and prevailed from long distance with good combinations and some head and body shots.

The Filipino shortened the distance to neutralize the greater reach of the rival, combined his good “upper cut” and did not clash, however Vargas hits it with his hook to the liver and greater volume of blows, which gave him an advantage when he reached the fifth segment .

In the sixth the two defended well and made the opponent fail. At times there were good combinations and Vargas began to bleed from a wound to his left eyebrow, apparently from a header.

Magsayo went from less to more; in the seventh he admirably escaped Vargas’s straight blow, in the eighth he made good impacts and in the ninth he had his best round, knocking the Mexican down with a right hand and causing a protective account that made him win the round 10-8 and zoom in on the cards.

Vargas seemed tired, however in the eleventh he revived, was effective again with the ‘upper’ and hit with his left.

The two came out to impress the judges in the aftermath of the battle. Vargas withstood the onslaught and took the victory that, due to what happened in the ring, should have been closer than the two votes by 115-112 of the two judges who favored him.

Vargas reached 36 wins in the same number of fights, 22 of them by knockout, and Magsayo suffered his first loss, after 24 consecutive wins, 16 on the fast track.

As stated, Vargas will now seek to unify titles in the 126-pound category, whose other monarchs are the Mexicans Leo Santacruz, from the World Association, and Emmanuel Navarrete, from the World Organization, and the British Josh Warrington, from the Federation. International.

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