Boxing trainers recognized in Mexicali | Forward Valley


— A total of twelve Mexicalense boxing trainers received the of recognition for having passed the Basic Course for the Teaching and Practice of Boxing, taught by Professor Guadalupe Fajardo, president of the Amateur Boxing Committee.

Through the INDE of Baja California, the strategists of this sport completed the course that lasted 50 hours, between November 2021 and May 2022, coordinated by the training area of ​​the Institute of Sport and , which is coordinated by Lourdes Murga.

In the delivery of recognition diplomas, the head of INDE, Lourdes Cañez, congratulated the coaches who completed the course, in a sport in which Baja California is a national power and the new certificates will be an important base to have a hotbed to future in the amateur field.

For his part, Professor Fajardo stressed the importance of these trainings, since boxing is a sport in which physical integrity is at risk at all times.

The coaches who completed the course offered were:

1.- Ricardo Castillo Godinez


3.- Victor

4.- Jaime Ramirez Alcaraz

5.- Manuel Arellano

6.- Ruben Ramirez Lopez

7.- Jesus Duran Urzua

8.- Bosco Wave

9.- Alejandro Ramirez Guerrero

10.- Enrique Salas Yanez

11.- Paola Garcia Vargas

12.- Ricardo Rodriguez Renteria