Boxing: Usyk dethrons Anthony Joshua in memorable match

Updated 09/26/2021 - 00:17 ANDtonight no fan could be disappointed with the match between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk, two superclass. The

09/26/2021 –

ANDtonight no fan could be disappointed with the match between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk, two superclass. The heavyweight has lived a night to remember among the two Olympic champions in 2012, but the battle has turned to the side of the Ukrainian fighter, who has won by unanimous decision (117-112, 116-112 and 116-112), and has taken the WBA, IBF and WBO belts. Usyk’s attitude was winning from the start and he can already say that, like Holyfield, he has been champion in cruiser and heavyweight. His challenge, as he has always said, will be to emulate him as undisputed in both categories.

Until the last round, the duel was hectic and in the final act Usyk was seconds away from knocking out the champion in a brutal way. Impressive physical waste on the part of the two boxers, with a rhythm that the premier category seldom gives us. This fight certainly deserves a new confrontation and, according to Eddie Hearn, “Joshua is already talking about winning the rematch.”

The contender’s hitting cadence was almost unbecoming of a heavyweight today., not to mention the rhythm and the confusion that the left-hander prints with his movements, remembering Ali. The Ukrainian fought wonderfully in the distance and did not hesitate to take risks. Usyk uncomfortable with his extraordinary mobility to nullify many of the weapons of Joshua, who also had a magnificent performance, although from the beginning he did not know how to stop the left of the new champion.

Usyk did not stop moving and dizzy AJ as much as he could from the first round, another way to surprise and tire the opponent. In the third round the Ukrainian went on the attack and the fight became very interesting with a Joshua assimilating a tremendous left. The actions continued very lively with the candidate putting pressure and the English undermining with his rectums.

The fifth round was very active with the champion reacting as expected of him. In the sixth round AJ was clearly on the upward line and pushed Usyk back. Little by little the Watford fighter was picking up the pace pulling his entire repertoire, although the Ukrainian almost sent his rival to the canvas in the seventh, again pulling from the left. What exchanges!

Little by little Joshua was adding hard attacks to his opponent’s body, but in the face of the cardboard, Usyk provided constant work. The tenth chapter followed at a dizzying pace and in the eleventh the pupil of Anatoly Lomachenko He came out to win the fight. The 12th round finished deciding the contest.

Usyk was not alone in Totteham Hotspur Stadium. The expensive cruise was accompanied by illustrious Ukrainians as his friend Vasyl Lomachenko, the current mayor of Kiev, Vitaly Klitschko, or the former footballer Andriy Shevchenko.

The fate of the winner, it seems no other than to face the winner of the third duel (October 9) between the WBC champion, Tyson Fury, and the ex-monarch Deontay Wilder, looking for an undisputed heavyweight champion. The premier class hasn’t seen an absolute king since Lennox Lewis and fans are going to demand that the mother of all battles take place.