Boxx, this is the smart punching bag that you can hit in your living room

Boxing, one of the noblest sports that exist, as long as they are celebrated under the rules of the game of the different international o

Boxing, one of the noblest sports that exist, as long as they are celebrated under the rules of the game of the different international organizations, is also one of the most popular on the entire planet. In recent years it may have lost part of the media prominence that it had in the 70s, 80s and 90s in our country, but it is still a sport widely practiced in thousands of Spanish gyms and around the world. And it is true that this is a world that has practically not evolved in the way of practicing it, but little by little technology is also offering other alternatives. This is the case of the device we are looking at today, which can undoubtedly be the most useful if you are a great fan of this sport.

The smartest boxing bag and gloves

We are not only talking about a bag to beat with our gloves, but we can also turn them into smart devices. Because we can choose to get these products together or separately. For example, we can practice without the smart bag, introducing two devices into the gloves that monitor our activity, the movements we make with the gloves, and therefore with the fists. Or combine exercise with that smart bag, which can significantly improve the experience, since in this case we can improve the experience, making it more similar to that of a gym.

It is evident that with these devices we are not going to replace the practice in the gym with our trainer, but it is a good way to stay in shape whether we are boxers with some experience or if we want to practice it to stay in shape. This bag has a quite original design, in the shape of a totem, which is available in different finishes, so that it integrates perfectly into the environment of your home, in black, white, blue or pale pink colors. The two small devices that analyze our activity with gloves, we can transport them comfortably in a case, in the purest style of headphones.

These are charged while we have them stored in the case, they have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and USB type C connector. The full battery provides up to three hours of continuous use. These are connected to our Android mobile or iPhone, and analyze all our movements, which we can synchronize with different exercises. The bag can be easily placed in combat mode, and when we stop using it, it can be placed in storage mode, and easily transported thanks to its rotating wheels. Therefore, we can encourage ourselves with the “trackers” which are the devices that follow the movements of our gloves, and then get hold of this smart bag to improve our workouts.

Logically the first is much cheaper than the second. Since getting the Boxx Track, the devices for monitoring our activity, will cost us about 130 euros to change plus shipping costs. They will be delivered in August 2022. While buying them together with the smart bag, it has a cost that starts from 650 euros plus shipping costs, it is also delivered in August 2022. We can already buy them in the campaign that they have active on Kickstarter.