Bryson DeChambeau and the story of a hunch that just changed his life

Bryson DeChambeau. Josh gregory is now a relevant golf instructor in the PGA Tour. Before, a few years ago,

Bryson DeChambeau.

Josh gregory is now a relevant golf instructor in the PGA Tour. Before, a few years ago, he was one of the most reputable college coaches. Won two titles of the NCAA with Augusta State and was hired to ‘paycheck’ by the Southern Methodist University to carry out a revolution in the team and place that university in the highest of golf.

One of the first decisions Gregory made was to sign Bryson DeChambeau, despite the fact that on paper it had many factors against it. Already then it was known in the back room of university sports that he was a different player, not much loved and with a very bad attitude on the field. Despite this, Gregory was impressed by DeChambeau’s junior performance so he didn’t think twice. “I did something that I never did before and never did again. I picked up the phone, dialed DeChambeau’s number and said: hi Bryson, I don’t know you at all, you don’t know me at all, I have won two titles with Augusta State and they called me from the SMU to rebuild the team as quickly as possible. I offer you a full scholarship over the phone, without even having to see each other … and the boy almost started crying because he had no money, “explained Gregory in the podcast Subpar.

Gregory was clear that he had to act quickly because he knew that the universities of Stanford, Washington and UCLA, the most important on the west coast of the United States, were studying his transfer. «My only chance was to get ahead of them, since DeChambeau’s dream was to play at Stanford, a great university where he was also Tiger Woods«.

After signing him over the phone, Gregory went to the junior world championships at Torrey pines. “As soon as I landed, I went to DeChambeau, introduced myself and told him that I had only gone there to watch him play. I did not know what I was going to find, “he says.

This is the panorama that was found: «I saw a boy pulling a handcart, with a cap in the style of Payne stewart, with all his irons of the same length, with a peculiar swing, very focused on what he was doing and hitting very little … In the field I found myself with the worst attitude I had ever seen in my life: throwing clubs, swearing, doing pouting, pitiful… he was the oldest three-year-old I had ever seen, ”he describes.

Far from being discouraged, that visit to the junior world championships confirmed that his hunch was well directed. “It didn’t bother me because that was one thing I could fix. For me it is impossible to convert a player who hits 76 into one who hits 68, but I can get a player who usually hits 68 to end up hitting 65 by improving his attitude. Bryson always hit 68 hits. It was a matter of keeping him out of trouble and making sure he got to tee 1 on time.

Gregory spent only two years at SMU, in which Bryson DeChambeau won the US Amateur and the NCAA Final.