BTS: Jimin and Jungkook box together and show who is the strongest | VIDEO

Bts celebrated the birthday of Jimin, the Korean idol turned 26 years old and ARMY from all over the world dedicated messages and gifts to him. O

celebrated the birthday of , the Korean idol turned 26 years old and ARMY from all over the world dedicated messages and gifts to him. One of his classmates also revealed unpublished clips and photos as a gift and thrilled the fans with a video featuring practicing boxing.

J-Hope decided to congratulate his bandmate with several messages posted on the band’s official account. Jin was also another member who gave her best wishes with a photo on the Weverse platform.

On previous occasions, RM surprised Jimin with a luxurious gift, and although they are prohibited from receiving gifts from their fans, ARMY placed various advertisements in South Korea, Mexico, and other countries. One of the surprises that excited the fans during the birthday of Jimin was this video where he works out with Jungkook.

Jimin and Jungkook practice boxing together

Jimin and Jungkook make up one of the ARMY’s favorite friends. On several occasions they have starred in moments that moved their fans, they have also had disagreements, but they fulfilled their dream of traveling together to Japan.

On one occasion, the Golden Maknae he only gave to Jimin a birthday present, formerly Bangtan He was not in the habit of giving each other gifts, but the dancer was the exception.

For your birthday this year, J-Hope decided to reveal an unreleased clip of both idols. It has become a tradition to post embarrassing or long-standing photos or videos to congratulate your peers. This time, Jimin appears in a clip next to Jungkook in the middle of a boxing challenge.

The idol practices his best shots, while Jungkook he holds a pair of gloves while stopping the blows of his partner who wants to show who is the strongest. In the end, they both laugh and leave the recording room. ARMY thanked the rapper for sharing these unreleased videos to learn a little more behind the scenes of Bts.

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