Bucks celebrate NBA championship with parade in Milwaukee

NBA The eastern city celebrated its first title in 50 yearsMilwaukee Bucks drives the city crazy with the defined by the NBA title. ReutersANDThis

NBA The eastern city celebrated its first title in 50 years

Milwaukee Bucks drives the city crazy with the defined by the title.

ANDThis year I witnessed major sporting feats all over the world.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the second Super Bowl in their history, the Inter won the Italian League after 11 years, the Blue Cross triumphed after 23 years without winning the Mexican League, the Lille de France removed the throne from PSG after eight consecutive years, Argentina won his first international football trophy in almost 30 years and Italy He won the European Championship after winning it in 1968.

So the NBA couldn’t be left behind.

The Milwaukee bucks they won the Larry O’Brien for the first time since 1971 against the Phoenix Suns, who let go of a 2-0 lead, for the Bucks to conquer the medal by winning four consecutive games.

The second trophy in franchise history deserves a special celebration; Although unfortunately it means new infections of COVID-19 in Milwaukee, where 132 new cases were reported yesterday, July 21.

Two days after winning the NBA Finals Game 6, the champions can go out to the parade organized by BMO and Hennessy to celebrate with much of the city.

This achievement not only has sporting significance, it is a national merit beat all the rivals the Bucks faced, so the city is proud to be home to the world champion team for the first time in 50 years in .

BMO took care of parade, which started at 11 am, and Hennessy organized the celebration ceremony, where players, managers and staff commemorate one of the happiest days of their professional careers.

While Giannis Antetokounmpo celebrates making history, can appreciate having fulfilled the challenge imposed by Kobe Bryant when the Greek was named the regular season MVP in 2019.

The next season, 2021-22, plans to return in its original 82-game regular season format next October and will end in April 2022, to start the playoffs, where the current champion will do my best to, with the mood, get the Precious Back-to-back.