Bulls 112-138 Nets | NBA: The full version of the Brooklyn Nets with Durant, Harden and Vaccine Irving sure is scary

Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn nets They knew their rivals were going to be following the New Yorkers' game against the Chicago bulls. A good touch

Kevin Durant and the They knew their rivals were going to be following the New Yorkers’ game against the . A good touchstone to see the actual level of the pupils of Steve Nash after the irregularity shown in the last meetings. And Durant, Harden and company did not fail and passed over the Illinois, one of the sensations of the season, by a resounding 112-138.

The forward scored 27 points (17 of them in the third quarter in his best partial score of the season), James harden left until 25 and 16 assists, while Kyrie irving, who is still far from his best level, was left with nine goals and three assists to give the victory to some Nets who dismantled one by one all the defensive alternatives that their rival offered.

The Nets touched the 40-point difference in the fourth quarter, hit 17 of 32 on triples and passed over the Bulls in the third quarter (19-39), sending a very clear message to their rivals, although Durant despite .

“We don’t want to send any messages. I mean, Who cares what other people think? We know what we can put on the table and everything has to do with us. But I’m sure people were watching this game tonight, “said the forward after signing a new game with the Nets.

Zach LaVine (22 points and 6 assists), DeMar DeRozan (19 points and 4 rebounds) they were the top scorers for some unrecognizable Bulls who racked up 17 turnovers (10 for the Nets).