Cade Cunningham lights up the future

Cade Cunningham has a gamer's stroke special. He's also only 20, of course, and plays for one of the worst teams in the NBA. His rookie season is

Cade Cunningham has a gamer’s stroke special. He’s also only 20, of course, and plays for one of the worst teams in the NBA. His rookie season is being good. Not exceptional, but good enough For anyone who understands that you have to be patient with all the newcomers to the NBA, also with the number 1 in the draft, a star project that is hardly going to discuss the Rookie of the Year to Evan Mobley (the tremendous center of the Cavs , number 3 of his generation) but that he is teaching, that was the great objective of the season, thatEu may be the new Pistons franchise player. And many more than that. And whoever wants proofs, let him put on the second part of the triumph of those of the MoTown against the Jazz (126-116).

A major surprise that perhaps it was not so much. LThe Pistons (now 9-30) are 4-2 in 2022 after closing 2021 with 18 losses in 19 games. And the Jazz have lost three in a row on a road trip that started 2-0 (2-3 final): Toronto, Indiana, Detroit, three punctures that have shown how essential Rudy Gobert is (in the COVID protocols) and that they leave 28-13 to those of Quin Snyder, suddenly three games from Warriors and Suns and with only half an advantage over the rising Grizzlies.

It was also the Salt Lake City’s first loss to the Pistons in nearly six years and after ten straight wins. And it was, the worst for the visitors, an inexplicable setback in a match they had tamed in the second quarter. In fact, he was aiming for a beating: 32-54 mediated that second set. The rest of the night was a tremendous 94-62, the best minutes of the entire season for the Pistons without Dwane Casey (also in the protocols) and led by Rex Kalamian, an assistant on the NBA benches since 1995. The Pistons were hooked on the game before the break with a 16-6, and They signed a splendid second half (78-55) with a tremendous 40-23 in the third quarter. The Jazz got to get ahead in the last quarter (90-93), but there they did not know how to install a logic that had escaped: triples by Lyles and Joseph and the final appearance of Cade sent the Jazz to the canvas and gave a huge joy to a much needed hobby of nights like this.

The first quarter (21-35), with Whiteside playing at ease near the basket, made for a horrible night for a Cade who missed all four of his shots and lost two balls. Still missed another pitch before scoring 10 of 12 and finishing 10/17 for his top of the course, 29 points of which 18 came in that magical third quarter. He also distributed 8 assists and connected with Sadiqq Bey, another young man in a very good moment after a terrible stretch of the season: 29 points, 6 rebounds, 5/7 in triples. The Jazz were unable to prevail in the final minutes. Donovan Mitchell finished with 31 points and 4 assists but 11/25 shooting. Conley added 13 points and 8 assists and Whiteside 21 points and 14 rebounds, but Gobert’s shadow is enormously long for a very light team without him. It was also clear in Detroit, where the present is not as ugly as it was a few weeks ago and that does not stop being, in reality, an excellent one for a future that has a first and last name: Cade Cunningham.