Campazzo suffers, the Nuggets shiver when they lack Nikola Jokic

The season has not started well for the Denver Nuggets, a team whose season is difficult to evaluate due to the serious knee injury suffered by Ja

The season has not started well for the Denver Nuggets, a team whose season is difficult to evaluate due to the serious knee injury suffered by Jamal Murray, the squire of Nikola Jokic, on April 12. A misfortune that not only spoiled a fabulous-looking season (especially since Aaron Gordon’s arrival in the winter market) but compromised the next, the one now in play. As the calendar was also late due to the things of the pandemic, the Nuggets will not be able to count on the great playmaker canadian until spring. We will see at what point and under what conditions. The playoffs begin on April 16, one year and four days after Murray’s injury.

Nikola Jokic is playing again with MVP sensations. Increasingly smarter and more mobile in defense (where it is no longer a trouble Last season), his deployment in attack is one of the greatest delights of the current NBA. His assist average has dropped (from 8.3 to 5.6) because, in essence, his teammates are unable to get a shot. Without Murray, the Nuggets held out admirably last season, taking on the Trail Blazers before crashing (4-0) with the Phoenix Suns in the Western semifinals. Now things look worse, a hiatus caused by a capital injury in full all in: Murray plays with a $ 170 million extension for five years; Aaron Gordon extended four years and 92 million and Michael Porter Jr signed a rookie contract extension for five seasons and a figure that will swing from a floor of 172 million to a ceiling of 207. It all depends on whether you enter the All NBA Teams, which he is a long way from doing: from his 19 points per night last season to 10.9. From 44.5% in triples to 21.7%. On catch and shoot, An essential weapon last season to take advantage of Jokic’s impossible passes, he scored 46.5% of his 3s with 4.7 thrown on average. He is now at 27.3 with 3.1. He throws more after pot, in individual stocks, but also worse: 2.3 pitched with a sad 25% (36.5% last year).

The Nuggets (4-4) have the 26th attack by rating, one of the five worst in the NBA. It would be the lowest for them in the last six years. The rating defensive is the fourth, and would be the best in the franchise in 45 years. But this data also has jokic trick: the defense is 14.5 percentage points better with the Serbian on the court, which would be the best figure in the history of the NBA in full games. Rivals do not score even 39% of their shots on plays of pick and roll defended by the pivot, who is accumulating a wild load of responsibility on the track. So much so that Michael Malone, with unusual candor, has acknowledged that he has talks with his star because he does not want him to feel like he is carrying “the weight of the world on his shoulders”: “As soon as he sits down, everything falls apart. In the last game I had to put him in earlier than planned in the fourth quarter and I was sad to see his face, as if to say ‘already?’ If we continue like this, it will be busted In Christmas”.

Murray is gone, Porter Jr has gotten into a maze, Will Barton and Aaron Gordon have to do more than they should and the bench is an absolute disaster. At about 25 points per game, the Colorado reserve lot is the second-to-last in the league in scoring.. JaMychal Green, reliable last season, and Jeff Green, who shone for the Nets, are at a very low level, especially when they share the track. Bol Bol is out of minutes again, and Austin Rivers has melted in the outside rotation and both PJ Dozier and PJ Dozier are below expectations. a Facundo Campazzo who has drastically lowered his numbers. Last season he played almost 22 minutes a night and averaged 6.1 points, 3.6 assists, 38% shooting, 35% triples and 88% free throws. Now he’s at 17.5 minutes with 3.4 points, 1.9 assists, 37.5% shooting, a poor 21% 3-pointer and 75% free throw.

The minute limit for the Argentine base is 20 minutes, a ceiling that he has only reached once. In the last four games he has only added, in total, 9 points and 3 assists. Meanwhile, the rookie emerges Bones Hyland, a shooting guard who has already won over the Nuggets fans. Without Jamal Murray, the starting point guard is Monte Morris, who will be a substitute again when he is back on track in Canadian. It will be less minutes to distribute in a panorama that can end up being complex for a Campazzo that has formed many bad second units on the track with Dozier, JaMychal Green and some of the starters. If he matches Jokic, he has the second worst differential on the track (JaMychal surpasses him). When the Serbian is not on the track, Campazzo’s data is the worst of his team. With many problems to score and without confidence right now in his shot, the former Real Madrid continues to put constant energy (that is never lacking) and a direction that shines less with rotations that get stuck a lot in attack. It is early, but the beginning of his second NBA year is, for now, far from the good feelings of his entry into the League. It’s up to you to row and get ahead. Something that, on the other hand, he has already known how to do many times.