Can there be consecration in the next Formula 1 GP?

Formula 1 There are two dates left for the

There are two dates left for the closing of the Drivers’ World Cup and the end is electrifying.

Can there be consecration in the next Formula 1 GP?

Can there be a definition of the championship on the next date of Formula 1? There is less and less for the epilogue and while the onslaught of Lewis Hamilton in the last races raised the anxiety in Mercedes and Red Bull, you have to start to do your math and be prepared for the exciting definition.

The new Jeddah circuit may debut with high tension on the Formula 1 calendar as it can decide the crown in favor of Max Verstappen, never in that of Lewis Hamilton, who even winning and his rival abandoning, would not be mathematically champion.

In what way could the Red Bull driver be consecrated? Verstappen can do it in the next one since he has an 8-point advantage and some other option to be crowned. The math says he will be champion if he finishes in the top two and Hamilton doesn’t have a good day to get into the top five. It is hard but not impossible.


– WIN with fastest lap and Lewis is 6th

– WINS, and Lewis is 7th

– IT’S SECOND with the fastest lap and Lewis 10th

– IT’S SECOND and Lewis fails to score.

There are also chances that they will come tied for the last round in Abu Dhabi. And not a few, even more than there is a champion. Only if Hamilton wins, as in the last two races, and adds the fastest lap, and Verstappen is second, as in the last two races. That they are first and second has happened in the last six grands prix, 13 times throughout the year. In that scenario, they would arrive even in points at the final appointment. The dream ending to this season.

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