Canelo Alvarez. How many and who are the boxer’s brothers?

Saúl 'Canelo' Álvarez is one of the eight children of the marriage formed by Ana María Barragán and Santos Álvarez. It was one of his seven br

Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez is one of the eight children of the marriage formed by Ana María Barragán and Santos Álvarez. It was one of his seven brothers who instilled in him a love for boxing.

It is known that the family of the world champion dedicated himself to the sale of popsicles and fresh waters to support himself; so in his childhood, “Canelo” himself sold ice cream on public transport.

As Canelo Álvarez’s fight against Dmitry Bivol approaches, the followers of the Tapatio wonder who are the brothers of ‘Canelo’? What do the ‘Canelo’ brothers do?

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Between the box and family businesses; This is how the brothers of ‘Canelo’ Álvarez earn their money

Before appearing on the most important billboards, Rigoberto ‘The Spanish’ Alvarez I already had fights in Guadalajara and Tijuana.

The eldest of the ‘Canelo’ brothers played a very important role in his career.

It was he who trained him in his first fights and in the transition to professionalism, ‘El Español’ looked for ‘Don Chepo’ Reynoso so that he would take advantage of all his talent.

The decision was correct and now he sees his younger brother succeed in the ring and with several titles on his belt.

Rigoberto remembers that boxing disappointed him for not being able to succeed at first, but in 2008 he won the Mexican super middleweight championship and the interim super lightweight championship in 2010.

It can be considered as the guide of the freckled.

The Mexican even said that in 2018 one of his brothers was kidnapped in Mexico; he never revealed the name of his sanguine.

The other brothers of ‘Canelo’ Álvarez also participated in boxing; but only one of them figured.

The Álvarez Barragáns boast a Guinness record; for having the largest number of brothers fighting in the same function.

The name and nickname of the rest of Saul’s brothers are:

  • Richard “Dynamite”
  • Gonzalo “The Lion”
  • Daniel “The Count”
  • Victor “The Matador”
  • Ramon “The Innocent”

One who is well known in Jalisco for his political career is Gonzalo “The Lion” Alvarez.

The brother is currently the municipal president of Zapotlanejo, in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area.

The only sister of ‘Canelo’ is Ana Elda Álvarez.

The boxer considers her as someone important in his life, since she works very closely with him.

He affirmed that Ana is in charge of keeping him on the right track and considers that they are inseparable.

The most constant in boxing

Ricardo “Dinamita” was a professional for two years; his record was 24 wins, 14 by way of knockout, three losses and three draws.

When he retired, he opened a taqueria next to ‘Canelo’; the business is located in Zapopan.

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One more that is constant in the race is Ramón “El Inocente”.

It is the only one that is still active and adds good results. Behind his back, he already has 38 fights; his numbers are 29 wins, 16 KOs, six losses and three draws.

He stars in a rivalry with Omar Chávez, the son of Julio Cesar Chavez.

The case of the rest of his brothers only made one to three fights; but his career was not what was expected and they decided to retire.

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