Cardinals beat Cowboys on visit to AT&T Stadium

Dallas, Texas - One week after being a steamroller against Washington Football Team, Dallas cowboys he was outscored at home by the Arizona Cardin

Dallas, Texas – One week after being a steamroller against Washington Football Team, he was outscored at home by the Cardinals with a bright 25-22 score. The visitors resist in the National Conference after suffering three losses in a row that made them fall in second place in the Western Division.

With 11-5 they still resist in the same place of the seed, but this triumph at AT&T Stadium helps them stay in the fight to reach the playoffs as champions of the NFC West of this season 2021-22 of the National Football League ( ). This afternoon’s road to victory opened after a 24-yard field goal by Matt prater.

The red bird kicker was in high demand on the field of play. He entered four times for field goals and did not miss any of them, except for an extra point try. He helped with 13 points out of 25 that Arizona reached in this game. Antoine wesley collaborated with the other 12 after two touchdowns.

Killer Murray he coordinated his offensive line to break through and find his wide receiver both times. The first time in 4th chance and a goal within a yard of the diagonals. The second sparked off in Arizona’s first offensive drive. In 3rd and 7, from unit 19, he threw to the left and his receiver had a tremendous catch to get the touchdown.

Cardinals beat Dallas in Texas
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Dak prescott he looked like a quarterback who was no longer in sight of the property. In the first and third quarters Dallas was at zero. With Michael Gallup’s only touchdown in the first half after the quarterback was sent, the touchdown was only a reflection of making the disadvantage less painful.

At 22-7 and with 15 minutes to go, the Cowboys needed to score two, including two extra points and the Cardinals not scoring in the 4th quarter to be enough for a decisive goal in their favor. They almost achieved that feat with 15 points, however Matt Prater had already added the last 3 for the visit, the result of a recovered ball.

Arizona overtook Dallas
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Killer Murray had 263 yards and two touchdown passes. It was more impressive by air than by land. Recorded 26 of 38 shipments. As a bonus he spun an 8-0 record at the home of the Cowboys. Substitute Chris Banjo entered his place. He made a pass in his work.

For his part, Dak Prescott finished with 226 points and three touchdowns, however the fumble in the final moments of the field affected the direction of the Dallas somersault. He pitched 38 times and found a partner 24 of them. Substitute Cedrick Wilson also had a chance. By air he just made a pass.

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