Carlos Ortiz talks about his debut at the LIV Golf Invitational

Carlos Ortiz debuted at the LIV Golf Invitational with a second individual place and a third place for teams in Portland last weekend, and after that outstanding result in the second tournament of the Saudi Super League, the man from Guadalajara spoke with Aztec Sports about his performance in the controversial and millionaire league that distributes $25 million bag by event.

“I think I did what I had to do. I played well, I think I had the third best round of the day and I lost by taking two out of Branden (Grace), who had the best score of the tournament by two strokes on the last day, which was quite difficult and that is great. The truth is to congratulate the opponent. I really enjoyed myself, especially the last two days that I played with Dustin (Johnson) and playing with one of the best in the world is something that motivates a lot and I was able to maintain my level and I was happy that I could easily take the tournament. This time it didn’t happen, but I feel confident, “he said in an interview with the Television of the Ajusco about her experience at Pumpkin Ridge.

The 31-year-old from Guadalajara, who arrived on the PGA Tour in 2015 and resigned a few days ago to join the controversial nascent league, the LIV Golf Invitational of Saudi investment, spoke about his first experience in this new adventure.

“It was my first day at my new job. I’ve never had a first day at an amazing new job. The first that they receive you, when they serve you, the players; it’s like a family. It is something very different, I had not touched that. On the PGA Tour, people are much colder, drier, everyone is on their ‘roll’ and here, players who had greeted me in life, even gave me a hug. the truth surprised me and then the team part. That is a very important part. I grew up playing for Mexico and now being able to play with Abraham and Sergio was something very special and it is something very different and I think it is something that golf needs, that there is a little more fire, of intensity, in the rounds, which It has nothing to do with the individual because from the first day I was crashing my team leaderboard, so I think that people are going to like that part a lot”.


“I think the PGA Tour has done a very good job with golf and what they’ve done. There was really no competition or a tour that made him improve or get out of his comfort zone and I think we are seeing it right now. Suddenly they took money from under the bed to make new tournaments or do new things, although they say that the competition is not good and not healthy. I think it’s the opposite, they are doing better things, better changes for the players, they are offering more benefits, more money and I think that the only thing it does is benefit golf. The truth is that I do believe that golf needs a little change in how it is played, in how it is presented on television because it can be quite boring for people to watch so much time and so many shots and this is different”.

Ortiz revealed that if he plans to play in Mexico now that he plays at LIV Golf and the tournaments will take place on courses around the world.


“There are 14 direct elite tournaments, for the following year and then we have three of the International Series, which I really wanted to play around the world that I had not had to do it. I’m excited. I want to play in Singapore, in Hong Kong and there are several important tournaments. Hopefully in the future, talks will start to have tournaments in Mexico. I am going to try to play between 17 and 20 weeks a year and I would like to play more than one in Mexico. It was something that had no chance and now I can think about it and put it on my calendar. It is something that excites me, to be able to have that time for my family and dedicate more time to growing Mexican golf, which is something that for Abraham (Ancer) and for me is an important goal now that I have made this decision.”

Carlos added that, “one of the conditions that we put with the LIV people was that we were in as long as they help us grow golf in Mexico and they told us they are willing to do it.”