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Carlos Sainz and the “fear” factor in Formula 1

Are Formula 1 drivers afraid at some point of driving? Carlos Sainz, Ferrari driver, has spoken about it.

In an interview with the Italian magazine ‘Esquire’, he referred to this factor that is so often of interest to fans of racing competitions.

“The moment you are afraid, you become slower. I never think about risks, we are focused on performance, always being the fastest, we fight for tenths of a second …”, says the Spanish rider.

He assures that “he does not have time to think about risks”: “Surely if you put a normal and unaccustomed person in a modern Formula 1 car, it will be scary because the speed is incredible. But we are used to it.”

Sainz, in his first season at Ferrari, has constantly repeated that he is living a “dream”: “For me it was a dream come true. It was a very important step in my career.”

“Sooner or later becoming a Ferrari driver is every driver’s dream. I managed to do it at 26 and my life has changed since then. I want to give my best to this team and help them get back to the top,” he explains.

Finally, regarding his teammate, Charles Leclerc, he says he is a “great guy:” I couldn’t ask for anything better.

“Since we spend a lot of time together, it is also important that we feel good personally, and this is definitely our case. We do many things together: we play chess, paddle tennis, golf …”, he concluded.

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