Carlos Sainz sees eight potential Formula 1 champions in 2022

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 3/1/2022 · 09:46 hs Carlos Sainz, the Spanish Scuderia Ferrari driver, was one of the best surprises in Formula

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 3/1/2022 · 09:46 hs

, the Spanish driver, was one of the best surprises in in 2021. With a great closing and taking advantage of complications from his partner Charles Leclerc or Lando Norris, he won the honorary title of “best of the rest”, which is given to the fifth best driver of the campaign, behind the two pairs of the main teams. of the competition: Mercedes and Red Bull.

On the expectation of the next campaign, which will include the incorporation of a new car, new wider tires and, above all, a new regulation that will reduce spending capacities and will shorten the distances between the teams, Sainz believes there are several potential champions in F1.

On last season, Sainz reflected on the capabilities of the Dutch champion and how they will be able to adapt for 2022: “I was not surprised at all by the level of Max verstappen. You could see it from the first races of the year. Max had several options. But I think there are seven or eight champions right now on the Formula 1 grid. Whoever has the car will be the one who can get the title. There are many pilots with that potential“.

“Although what Max did was very special, the level at which he and Lewis Hamilton have been able to compete was spectacular. I want to think that Red Bull or Mercedes can lower their guard, but my head says that these teams can do both at the same time and that they can be at the top, “said the Madrid Ferrari.