Carlos Soler will name a soccer field in Benicalap

Pati Roura and Pilar Bernabé have signed the collaboration agre

Pati Roura and Pilar Bernabé have signed the collaboration agreement between both foundations.

Today, October 6, the president of the Municipal Sports Foundation of the Valencia City Council has signed a collaboration agreement with the Johan Cruyff Foundation that will allow the construction of an artificial turf field in the Benicalap neighborhood. The initiative will give rise to a new public sports space that will reinforce the existing infrastructure in the neighborhood and, in addition, will pay tribute to the Valencia CF footballer, Carlos Soler, as reported by the president of the entity and Councilor for Sports to Lift-EMV.

The sports venue, which will be named “Cruyff Court Carlos Soler”, will be located on Calle Doctor Nicasio Benlloch, specifically, within the Elementary Sports Facility (IDE) Benicalap B. “With this improvement of the IDE, the Municipal Sports Foundation continues working to consolidate sports practice in the neighborhoods and meet the needs of the residents of the city of Valencia “, indicates the also deputy mayor.

Councilor Pilar Bernabé has valued “the power of sport to educate our young people in fundamental values.” Bernabé explained that the project, which has “an exceptional godfather” such as Carlos Soler, “is going to bring a sports facility to the Benicalap neighborhood so that young people, girls and boys can enjoy sport, a lifetime healthy and fun spaces, but, above all, it will give rise to a meeting place in our city ”.

The general director of the Cruyff Foundation Pati Roura has commented that it is “a very exciting project in which we are already working in more than 20 countries and the city of Valencia could not miss”. “The most important thing is that we are going to energize the neighborhood so that young people grow up with the values ​​of sport. The objective is to transform that community and that sport is not seen only as leisure, but also as physical and mental health ”, Roura has stressed.

A “Cruyff Court” in Valencia

The agreement established with the Cruyff Foundation assumes that this entity will contribute approximately € 173,000, which will be allocated entirely to the execution of the work on the football field. In addition, the agreement, which will last for four years, also includes the collaboration between both foundations so that, once the works are completed, carry out various activities on the field.

This is the case of the Cruyff Courts 6 against 6 championship, -a soccer tournament for girls and boys between 10 and 12 years old-, whose main objective is to train in sports values ​​such as respect or companionship. On the other hand, the field will also host an annual soccer activity for young people with disabilities and aims to become a space that encourages sports among the minors of the neighborhood.

In this sense, the FDM and the Cruyff Foundation will collaborate so that the Cruyff Court Carlos Soler contributes to promoting the physical and mental well-being of young people by offering leisure activities, physical exercise and sports.

Provide neighborhoods with sports facilities

As reported by Pilar Bernabé, València has a total of 68 Elementary Sports Facilities that accommodate the practice of various sports activities. These infrastructures are distributed throughout almost the entire municipal territory of Valencia, from the neighborhoods of the urban nucleus to the small towns on the periphery, and make up a true network of facilities that offers citizens the possibility of carrying out physical and sports activities in the air. free.

In addition, in 2021, the Valencia Municipal Sports Foundation has invested more than € 1,500,000 in the adaptation of the Elementary Sports Facilities in order to provide the neighborhood with spaces in optimal conditions in which to practice a wide variety of sports .

Olympic Forum: Impact of Covid-19 at the municipal level

On the other hand, this afternoon, the Councilor for Sports and president of the FDM, Pilar Bernabé, will speak at the XIV Fòrum Olímpic in Barcelona. The councilor will be part of a round table that will address the impact of Covid-19 at the municipal level and will expose how the city of Valencia has adapted its infrastructures to sports practice in times of pandemic and how Covid-19 has affected sport popular.