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Carlos Tlatelpa, from Puebla who will compete in the Brazilian Boxing Championship | Mexico news

The teenager from and , , will travel to to seek to win the , but he needs money to cover the cost of the flight to reach the appointment that will be in July.

At the age of 12, Carlos Tlatelpa began to practice boxing and has developed this practice so much that now he is about to fulfill one of his wishes because he was selected to represent Mexico in the International Boxing Championship that will be in Sao Paulo, Brazil, next month of July, but the lack of money to buy his plane ticket.

At only 18 years old, the young man from Puebla managed to get his effort and commitment recognized and, despite the fact that he suffers from strabismus, his dedication and commitment in the ring stood out before the scouting made prior to the selection.

His coach, Omar Silva, has witnessed his progress and has highlighted the dedication and discipline of the young athlete.

“The selection is made through the scouting process, because of the work he has been doing and the championships he has won. He is runner-up in popular national games and the tournament has been suspended for two years due to pandemic issues,” he said.

The trainer highlighted that two weeks ago Carlos received the notification from the World Boxing Council, in which the Organizing Committee confirmed his participation in the international championship.

Carlos will be supported with lodging and food expenses, however, the round flight tickets are paid by each participant.

“We have already made a budget and we need to raise approximately 35,000 pesos before July 15, so I ask for your help to achieve this dream,” said Carlos, who, in addition to being a boxer, is an excellent Mechatronics student. He leads his group with an average of 9.7, while at home he collaborates with the housework and in his free time he supports his father in his work as an upholsterer.

Carlos is a young man who concentrates on studying, sports and family, described his relatives who explained that although they are not a family with limited economic resources, “they were caught off guard” and could not prepare.

“It’s not because he’s my son, but he’s a good boy, focused on study, sports and family. He wants to fulfill a dream, but unfortunately we can’t afford it. We’re not poor, but we don’t come up with enough money. I ask for support to the general public, whatever is within their possibilities,” said Raúl Tlatelpa, Carlos’s father.

How to help Carlos, the young boxer?

Both the family and the coach of Carlos, asked the people of Puebla to support Carlos to fulfill this dream.

They are receiving contributions to bank accounts: 4152 3138 5323 2465, BBVA Bancomer account, account in the name of Raúl Tlatelpa Abarca; and 4152 3139 7743 8816 in the name of Carlos Raúl Tlatelpa Fuentes.

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