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Casillas on Ramos: “Whenever a friend leaves, it’s hard to see him at another club” | sports

Iker Casillas, the exporter of the Spanish team and Real Madrid, declared this Thursday about Sergio Ramos’s departure to Paris Saint-Germain that “whenever a friend goes abroad, it is more difficult to see him at another club” and that his departure “is It’s a shame, but another player like Alaba has come and that’s the beauty of football, seeing new people. ”

“The case of Sergio (Ramos) is the one that may surprise you the most because you have been linked to Real Madrid for a long time, but in football it is a constant that players move the market,” Casillas said during the presentation of the third edition of the National League of Challenges in Cyberspace of the Civil Guard of which he was elected as sponsor this year.

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