Cecilia Comunales: “If it wasn’t for boxing, maybe I would have had a metal band”

By Leonel Garcia Gallery Magazine - Montevideo Portal

By Leonel Garcia

Gallery Magazine – Montevideo Portal

When I went to Paysandú lyceum 1 I had a wave darkwhat music did you listen to? It is true. As a teenager I really liked rock and in fact I did electric guitar for two months until I started boxing. My mother told me that she couldn’t pay me for both. Maybe I would have ended up in a metal band, I loved Metallica, Megadeath, but also La Vela Puerca, No Te Va Gustar, La Trampa, Soda Stereo, Los Piojos…

But as a teenager he also liked Carnival. Yes, and I also had to give it up for boxing. In Paysandú I went out for three years with a group of parodists. Over time, I got rid of the desire to be a vedette at the Melo Carnival. It’s been eight years in a row that I’ve been parading. Since I started I haven’t missed it anymore, except in the years of the pandemic.

What mix do you do as a DJ? I like reggaeton, canchengue to go dancing, not to mix. Electronics is more interesting to me for that. There are several branches such as house, tech house which is a little higher, you have techno music which is darker, heavier… I like all of them, but what I like the most is house and tech house.

Also, you are a pilates teacher, what kind of students do you have? Of everything. Luckily there are a lot of men, breaking the myth that it is for women. A lot of people go after hip surgery or tendinitis, but I work with all kinds of people, with people who just like the method. The first thing I ask is if they have any pathology because obviously they work differently.

Did you take good care of your face? Seeing her, it is hard to believe that she has eaten an ugly punch. I have a small deviation in the nose, I don’t know if it is due to the accumulation of sparring and fighting. After more than bruises, bruises, black eyes… I’ve gotten away quite a bit. I practiced defense a lot when I lived in Buenos Aires, that was essential. Likewise, I never worried if something happened to my face because I knew that I was exposed to literally breaking my neck or to any type of cut or injury.

What brought you to boxing? In addition to everything, she also did figure skating, ballet and Olympic gymnastics. When I started, at 15, I was looking to do some contact sports; Since I was in a somewhat rebellious and rock era, I wanted to do something strong. He had found out about taekwondo, kick boxing and just in that year the movie was released million dollar Baby. There I told a friend that I wanted to do that. I did ballet for two months when I was little, I also skated when I was very young; Olympic gymnastics was until I was 12, I liked it but I was very tall and that did not favor me.

Ride a bike. Do you put many kilometers? People sometimes ask me if I train three or four hours a day. I’m dying training for three hours, I’m bored! The same thing happens to me with the bicycle: I suddenly go out for only 40 minutes but I push myself and I don’t do much more than that. I like to train hard, that’s why I also fell in love with boxing. But that’s personal. There are people who do not like that training in which you feel that you are dying, that you do not give more; for me it’s the other way around: I come to the gym for an hour and kill myself.

To be at home, do you prefer espadrilles or flip flops? I live practically barefoot at home. And in pilates I work barefoot.

She is single, how do you get more proposals? By Instagram. They ask you out but that is not a means by which I am going to go on a date with someone. Once my sister-in-law put me down happn and said it wasn’t for me. I would love to remarry and start a family. I’m from a big family, hopefully if the right person arrives I can achieve it.

You were married to who was your manager, was it easy for you to mix work with family? At the time I was with my husband, I was so focused on sports, on my career, that it didn’t seem so bad to me. He was a person who understood the life that I had to lead, the training, the food, the breaks, he was super with me. I was also very young, he was older than me, I was in that relationship from 19 to 26. At times being together 24/7, especially at the last moment, was like a lot. I’m not going to tell you that he wasn’t a good partner. Today I am not fighting nor do I intend to return, but I would not mind linking up with someone from the boxing environment. If I fall in love, I could share several worlds with no problem.

You were world champion, do you feel recognized? Yes, I feel recognized. The people of Paysandú treat me divine to this day. Sometimes it happens the other way around but I am eternally grateful. nationwide as well. What did happen is that since at the time I did not fight for the Boxing Federation (of Uruguay), that blocked me a lot in the sports part, perhaps in official recognition, which I would have liked to have been different. But that did not happen to me with the people, with the public I only feel recognition.

Are you a believer? Yes, I believe in God but I don’t practice any religion.

What name would you give a son or daughter? I have a tortoise in Paysandú as a pet, which I cannot keep in my apartment here (in Pocitos), which I named Layla, after Layla Lee. It is a name of someone who is a reference for me and that I would love for a girl. For men I don’t know, I would have to see! n