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Cem Bolukbasi: the ‘Gamer’ who is one step away from reaching Formula 1

Many say that playing video games is a hobby and can even be an unnecessary distraction. But nevertheless, Cem Bolukbasi confirmed that this can become a more than serious job and can leave you on the verge of being a world sports star. The Turk fulfilled his dream and is one step away from running in the Formula 1.

At the age of 23, Bolukbasi began his sports career with video games. Signing up in several championships of sports, the Turk came to Virtual Formula 1 World Cup in 2017, fulfilling his dream. However, nothing seemed to indicate that it was going to be his big step to debut in real cars and even in Formula cars.

The good results in the virtual category allowed him to have a chance to McLaren upload it to your simulator. In addition to this possibility, he finished fifth in the virtual Formula 1 championship. However, brand and sponsor contracts came from all sides, opening unexpected doors.

In this way came the possibility of getting on the GT4 European Series, in 2019. The Turk took his first step in cars and five months later he got on the Renault Formula, where pilots of the stature of Pedro de la Rosa, Valtteri Bottas or Lando Norris. In 2021 he debuted in the Asian Formula 3 and he was the best rookie. Then he signed a contract Asia Regional Formula.

Now he received the most important step of his career. Bolukbasi signed a contract in the team Charouz Racing System… From Formula 2! Thus, the Turk will run in the category below Formula 1, and if he is champion or has a great result, he could have a contract for the highest car competition on the planet.

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