Chael Sonnen claims Kamaru Usman will retire from MMA once he surpasses GSP

Chael Sonnen believes that Kamaru Usman could retire from MMA sooner than most people think. According to 'The American Gangster', Usman has alre

Chael Sonnen believes that Kamaru Usman could retire from MMA sooner than most people think. According to ‘The American Gangster’, Usman has already accomplished everything in the UFC welterweight division and only continues to compete because he wants to surpass Georges St-Pierre as GOAT at 170 lbs.

Sonnen believes that Usman is on his way to becoming the best welterweight in UFC history, overshadowing GSP’s accomplishments within the Octagon. So he thinks it won’t be long before Usman hangs up his gloves.

In the latest episode of the podcast Bad Guy INC , Chael Sonnen said:

“Kamaru Usman is defending a world championship and pound-for-pound status while chasing the ghost of Georges St-Pierre. It is a very difficult place for Usman… Kamaru Usman’s retirement, although that is nowhere in his mouth, is going to come much faster than you think. He has done everything now, going through his second time and has only one goal left which is to overcome the idea of ​​Georges St-Pierre. Pretty difficult, right? But it is well on its way. Kamaru could be defeated, Kamaru could leave the sport.

UFC 268: Kamaru Usman defeats Colby Covington to retain title

Widely regarded as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time, GSP lost just two fights in his entire career, to Matt Sera and Matt Hughes. He later took revenge for both losses. St-Pierre also has nine successful welterweight title defenses to his name. He retired as a champion. Then he came back, a higher weight class, and became champion again. He announced his second retirement after beating Michael Bisping for the middleweight belt in 2017.

Kamaru Usman is not far behind. Usman has already had five successful title defenses so far and hasn’t lost a fight in the last eight years. He’s on an incredible 15-fight winning streak inside the Octagon. His dominance is evidenced in the status of the welterweight division. Almost every elite contender at 170 pounds has lost to Usman at some point in the UFC.

Kamaru Usman Says He’s Not Pursuing GSP’s Legacy

At the recently concluded UFC 268 pay-per-view weigh-in show, Kamaru Usman said he ‘hates’ hearing people say he’s chasing the GSP legacy.

While praising St-Pierre’s achievements inside the Octagon, Kamaru Usman claimed he had a more challenging path to the title. Usman also said that the greatest of all time would never be proclaimed.

I hate the way it is said that I am chasing GSP. I am not chasing GSP. GSP had maybe four fights before getting a title shot. I had to take the long back roads, the back door, the back alley in to get that title shot. So I am not chasing GSP. Look at his work, it was spectacular and I consider him one of the greats and look at my work. It is also up there. I’m not getting the best [etiqueta] of all times. By the time I’m done with my career, I’ll let you guys do that. “