Chael Sonnen criticizes the UFC middleweight division for not stepping up enough to challenge Israel Adesanya

Chael Sonnen is urging the UFC middleweights to make a special case to become Israel Adesanya's next opponent. Israel Adesanya successfully defend

Chael Sonnen is urging the UFC middleweights to make a special case to become Israel Adesanya’s next opponent.

Israel Adesanya successfully defended his title against Robert Whittaker at UFC 271. It was a close fight that ended in a unanimous decision victory for ‘The Last Stylebender’. Many believe that Whittaker did not come up with anything new in his rematch and showed a lack of hunger to steal the crown.

The victory saw Adesanya extend his title defenses to four. This has caused Chael Sonnen to call on other middleweight contenders to step up their game. According to ‘The Bad Guy’, the UFC and the top middleweight contenders should work hand in hand to bring something new to the table. Otherwise, he feels, they will be looking for another type of Anderson Silva reign.

In a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Sonnen said:

“Do you want to [Adesanya] give you a chance? Give him something no one else has. Give him a rival, give his yin a yin, give him an opponent. And the first thing you have to do to be Adesanya’s opponent, unless you want him to end up like Anderson [Silva] ‘yeah he’s the best, he’s wonderful’ no one is questioning him, go out there and question him. Step one, change the narrative, create another.”

Chael Sonnen said that Israel Adesanya is the middleweight goat

To this day, Anderson Silva still has the most title defenses in the UFC middleweight division with 10. Meanwhile, Israel Adesanya is a bit behind with four. However, some are already convinced that he has surpassed ‘The Spider’ as the divisional GOAT.

Sonnen had previously weighed in on the subject as well. For the former UFC middleweight title contender, the GOAT debate was put to rest when ‘The Last Stylebender’ beat Silva in 2019. In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel earlier this month, Sonnen said :

“It’s a valiant effort from Anderson, it was closer than any of us thought it would be, it was a great fight, but that still answers the question.”