CHAMPIONS LEAGUE A great sit-in is urgently needed to unify refereeing criteria and not burden ourselves with football

Not all night on ice has taken away the heat that I have after the game against LiverpoolOf course it did not help me to listen to gatherings comm

Not all night on ice has taken away the heat that I have after the game against LiverpoolOf course it did not help me to listen to gatherings commenting that they agree that the regulation is respected in Griezmann’s play, and the VAR protocol is ignored in the penalty (for me it is not) of Gimenez. Something also inexplicable with the first goal of Antoine, interfering Lemar in Matip. I imagine the Valencia fans in Gayà’s play with Ansu, where after seven shots, there is not one in which he can see how he overwhelms the Blaugrana player, where as I have always seen before a minimum contact, he did not go to VAR. Or how Zidane would squirm watching Griezman’s play. Can you imagine Zizou being expelled every time he did those works of art in his controls, raising his leg to the attic, sleeping the ball, do you imagine that in some of them an opponent put his head in? Above, in another match on the same day of the Champions League, Ibrahimovic performs a similar action and they get yellow.

I honestly do not understand the lack of interpretation in the VAR protocols or in the regulations, they are driving us crazy to everything that surrounds football, journalists, fans, coaches and players. It takes, like eating, a serious long sitting, to return, as the teacher would say Relaño to the old testament, remove the corset from the field collegiate and unify criteria to interpret the regulations and correctly apply the protocol of the happy VAR. It is urgent to unify criteria to know what to expect and not burden ourselves with football.

Once the calentón is born, I have to say that the signals that the Cholo team has been giving against Barça and Liverpool are healthy. Too bad that against Klopp’s men, in the game that deserved the most out of the last three played against them, he was defeated. In a match where in the first 15 minutes the rojiblancos did not decipher the English, suffering with the line of three in the ball and the movements inside their side Arnold, they again caused a schism on the left wing, where Salah pitched to its widths. We have a problem out there when a Michelin star winger arrives, be it Hermoso in the open field, or Carrasco defending in positional position, the rivals find a shortcut on that side. In general terms, the step back that led to the defeat has to be used to gain momentum in football. The Cholo men showed the power of reaction and personality to turn against adversity in front of a team (I didn’t find him as badass as Chelsea and City) with a sublime Rodrigo de Paul. The Argentine is a total midfielder, from the XXII century, dynamic, intense and who with his precision in long passes helped carry out the plan outlined, Klopp’s centrals without a reference, suffering the cons designed to Griezman. Welcome back home Antoine, and a João who showed that being at the level of the last two games, he can earn the essential tag. Party that did not add in the classification but that must multiply in the conviction that it is on the right track.