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Champions League: Does Dani Alves surrender to the spell of Madrid?: “Football friends. Just like in life, there is no luck in football”

soccer player posted a message on Instagram podo after the historic comeback of against Manchester City in the semifinals of the … although without citing the merengue team.

“Football friends. Just like in life, luck does not exist in football. Either you dominate the game or the game dominates you,” shared Dani Alves with his more than 36 million followers on Instagram.

“Ah, what would soccer be without the Brazilians!” pointed out the 38-year-old winger, who has returned to Barça this season, supposedly highlighting the great match of Vincius Juniorthe two goals of Rodrygo Goes and the solvent action of his compatriots Eder Militao and Casemiro.

Dani Alves’s theory about Real Madrid, Barcelona and LaLiga

Recently Dani Alves also remembered Real Madrid saying into the microphones of Movistar + that the merengue team was fortunate that Barça did not wake up before to dispute LaLiga.

“They have been lucky that we have been late in arriving and it has been bad luck for us. We could have competed with them in a different way. Life is like that. We arrived late and we had to make a barbaric effort. Now we have to go for him next goal. It couldn’t be. Lucky for them that we didn’t get there earlier”, said Alves.

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