Changes in the dynamics of Spanish football

Real Madrid remains an option to win the league after the Clசிகsico loss against arch-rivals Barcelona. Sevilla pressed hard, but not long enough

Real Madrid remains an option to win the league after the Clசிகsico loss against arch-rivals Barcelona. Sevilla pressed hard, but not long enough. There is still time for a miracle.

Valencia and Real Betis have won the semi-finals and will meet for the Copa del Rey in April. Real Madrid beat Athletic Bilbao in the Spanish Super Cup final in January.

What is striking here is that so many teams are fighting for trophies, which was unthinkable in Spanish football even two years ago. This is due to the changes in the form of Spanish football.

Spanish football consists of three major competitions: La Liga, the Copa del Rey and the Spanish Super Cup.

La Liga is their first division competition, in which 20 teams play 38 games at home and abroad.

The Copa del Rey is a knockout match between teams from all divisions. Of course, there is a certain process in the draw.

Finally, the champions of LaLiga and the Copa del Rey met in the Spanish Super Cup, a pre-season match.

At some point between the 2018-19 season, the LFP announced some specific rule changes on matches.

In the Copa del Rey, there will be a one-game tie instead of two until the semifinals. The home team will be in the lower division or the team that was at the bottom of the league last season.

For the Spanish Super Cup, there will be a match between four teams instead of two, and there will be a playoff in Saudi Arabia between the LaLiga and Copa del Rey champions and runners-up.

However, no change was made in LaLiga.

When these decisions were made, they were met with great criticism. Some said the changes were made purely for business purposes, ignoring tradition.

Well, the motives behind these decisions are debatable. However, these results have caused some positive changes in the dynamics of Spanish football.

For almost a decade before the changes, only three teams dominated the trophy hunt in Spanish football: Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. In particular, Barcelona and Real Madrid won almost all the trophies, while Atlético de Madrid won a few.

The only exception was Athletic Bilbao’s victory in the 2015 Super Cup.

But since the changes came, there have already been 5 different winners in two years. there will be 6the The one that wins the title soon, the one that won the Copa del Rey this year could not be one of those 5 teams.

The changes are staggering considering the number of finalists. In the last 11 years before the changes there were only 7 finalists. However, we have already seen 5 different finalists out of 3dr Updated version.

For the Spanish Super Cup, the number of finalists in the 14 seasons prior to the changes was only seven. Since then, 6 teams have already competed for this trophy.

The impact of those changes is clear. More and more teams have the opportunity to win trophies or compete for a match. This means that more teams will receive more funds from these tournaments, which will result in their growth.

At first it seemed like the wrong decision and it has some disadvantages. But now, two years after those decisions, those changes will benefit the development of Spanish football.

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