Changes the agenda of the Puerto Rico women’s boxing squad | sports

The covid-19 pa

The pandemic keeps the women’s squad on a never-ending wave of change.

After not being able to fight the Olympic qualification, five Puerto Rican fighters suffered the ravages of the coronavirus again with the cancellation of the , which would be held between December 6 and 9, in Istanbul, Turkey. The event was postponed to next March due to the large number of participating countries that have tightened their prevention measures amid the new rebound in COVID-19 cases globally.

“It was postponed because it was going to be in Turkey. There the infections rose, as is also happening in many other countries in Europe. There were many countries in Asia that would not go to the event. Now it will be in March ”, informed the president of the (FPB), José“ Chiqui ”Laureano, to THE SPOKESMAN.

Last Sunday, Turkey reported 21,624 new infections and 189 deaths from covid-19.

Puerto Rico will attend the event in March with veteran Kiria Tapia, Stephanie Piñeiro, Ashleyann Lozada, Melody Vargas and Cristina Cruz.

Nisa Rodríguez could also join the selection for the world tournament. “If the event was now I would not go. But being in March, it may be incorporated “, explained Laureano.

This is not the first time plans for the senior boxing team have been disrupted. Last April, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to cancel the boxing qualifier for the American continent heading to the Tokyo Olympics due to the rise in infections with covid-19.

The decision left Puerto Rico without female representation in the Olympic boxing tournament, despite the great expectations that reigned in the FPF and in the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee (Copur).

Yankiel Rivera was the only Puerto Rican who received an invitation from the IOC through an improvised regional ladder.

The men’s squad was reactivated between October and November with the celebration of the Men’s World Championship in Belgrade, Serbia.

However, that has not been the case for the women, who have been training uninterruptedly for months -even outside the island- without the opportunity to return to the platform since last March.